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The pioneers of Philly Coalition Radio embody the essence of pursuing a passion, and using their gift to gather people who ultimately possess identical aspirations. The mission is to provide avid hip hop and R&B music listeners with future, current and past sounds of the music genre.

On the 38 hundredth block of Haverford Avenue in West Philadelphia, between newly developed row homes, just minutes away from Drexel University, sits the studio of the number one hip hop and R&B internet radio station. 

This station is dedicated to unveiling and supporting devoted upcoming artist, entertainers, writers, producers entrepreneurs, and philanthropists. 

Philly Coalition internet radio station defies traditional broadcast radio by catering to all rap and R&B music lovers, whether they love inspiring unsigned artists or artists signed to major record labels. Much of the music played on broadcast radio is played off a constricted play list controlled by managers and CEO’s of the various radio stations. It is essential to PC radio’s co- founder, the “Warden,” to let hard working, passionate individuals in the underground music industry determine what is played on the station.

“We all have already been and still are affiliated with the music industry, so we’ve worked with artists, and know there are people with talent that don’t get the recognition they deserve,” said Riz Delux.

“Cuttyinthestreets,” also known as “Riz Delux,” has collaborated with numerous unsigned and signed artists as a producer in the city of Philadelphia. Every Tuesday evening, “Cutty,” and his co host “Cobi,” play hip hop at its finest, including many artists who are played on broadcast radio and some artists that are not. The Tuesday night show from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., also features co host and inspiring rap artist “Imah X”. The trio discusses current events, music and other hot entertainment topics.  Dj “Ace McClowd” has been known in Philadelphia and along the east coast for spinning the latest underground hip hop music and cosigning underground hip hop artists. On PC Radio, Ace McClowd also known as the “Peetey Green” of the hip hop scene, a famous African American radio disc jockey/ personality from DC known for breaking the rules of typical broadcast radio, and his co-host “Que” shake up the internet radio scene with their show “A&R to the Streets.”

“A&R to the Streets” represents, the job of actually going out to the pavement to seek artists to be featured on albums and the radio. The station offers shows throughout the week such as “Ol Skool Sundays” with “Malika Love,” and the “Gun Line Battle Grounds Show” with “Ace McClowd,” which showcases popular battle raps around the world. On Mondays, the station keeps listeners updated with “Mixtape Mondays” for upcoming artists to feature their new music. The home of PC radio appeared to be a vacant business location. The pitched black windows implied an absence of anyone being there.  The old tiled floors were partially covered with two rectangular sized flat, thin rugs. The off- white painted wall and window sills held up white sheets spray- painted blue, red and yellow designed with the logo of Philly Coalition Radio. The walls were also embellished with posters of artists, boxers, Philadelphia rappers, and new movie productions. One of the posters, framed in all black, displayed the message “Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics.” In one corner of the studio, sound proof padding was plastered on wall, and a microphone with the standard studio circular mesh covering to diffuse sound of the artist’s rhymes stood tall on its microphone stand.  The Studio resembled a furnished basement that housed the necessities for operating an internet radio station. The bulletin, which hung on the wall closest to the door, listed the sponsors of Philly Coalition radio, Philly barbers, and the which are supporters of the station. In an attempt to be refurbished, the room owned aging wooden tables, and bookshelves that stored magazines and antiques of hip hop music, such as timeless vinyl records, mix boards, turn tables, and speakers. The worn out black leather sofa was a comfortable spot for guests to sit right before they spoke in the microphone to share their passion with the world.

A plastic black waste bucket was decorated with stickers reading “C.A.N.N.O.N.S Heart of the City.” Those words merely represented the genuine endeavor of PC radio, which is the central source for all Philadelphia entertainment to form a coalition that can be heard world wide. Philly Coalition Radio has offered non stop music throughout the day for over a year to 15,000 listeners in over 89 countries. The uncensored Philly Coalition radio determines their own playlist, rules, guest sand topics for discussion. The internet radio revolution is giving opportunities for music, movements and trends that have been ignored in mainstream media. The opportunity for the “Warden,” “Ace McClowd,” “Riz Delux,” “Cobi,” “Imah X,” “Que,” “Malika Love,” and, most importantly, the artists, begins and ends at the Philly Coalition Radio studio. 

The “coalition” signifies a movement to unite passionate individuals, where opportunities are endless and dreams come to life.

 Dominique Perry is a fifth-year student majoring in professional studies wtih minors in journalism and studio art. She can be reached at

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