Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

To the Editor, With the election happening right now, I’m sure there will be an article about it in the QUAD. This is what I think about voting here at West Chester University. I am a first-year student and West Chester University living in Wayne Hall. My first day here, move-in day, there were people all around campus, and even for the first week, telling people to register on campus so that they wouldn’t have to go through the troubles of getting an absentee ballot. Today was election day, and people waiting outside my hall for over two hours to vote! TWO HOURS! I’m very angry that the system was so flawed — unorganized perhaps? Why should it ever take two hours for someone to vote? We are busy students (a student-athlete myself) who do not have time to wait in a line for over two hours to vote.

I’m extremely angry that the people in the beginning of the year falsely led me to think that it would be EASIER to vote if I registered on campus. I do not have time to wait in a line to press a button to vote — why does it take people that long to PRESS A BUTTON? The voting system here at West Chester University is very unreliable and something needs to be done about it. -Kim McManus, West Chester Student

To the Editor,

As a community member, poll worker, and WCU staff member I would like to commend WCU students on their successful voter registration drive and turnout on Election Day. The enthusiasm of the day was contagious! Despite the long wait at Wayne Hall, students remained patient, polite, good natured, and understanding of others who were moved to the front due to age or disability. On behalf of the poll workers, I apologize for the long wait at the Wayne Hall voting location; we never anticipated such a large turnout, and promise to fix the system before the next election in May. -Mary Jane Rogan, West Chester Staff

To the Editor,

Today I voted in the Presidential Election. It was not my first time voting, but it was my first time voting for President. After I cast my vote, I proudly wore my “I Voted Today” sticker along with my McCain/Palin pin that I’ve been wearing for a few months now. I then walked into an on campus store to buy a drink before heading to the library. The worker, seeing my sticker and pin asked me if I knew that “McCain would be the oldest president if he won.” I said yes, bought my drink and proceeded to walk out the door. As I was doing that, I heard the worker say “racist America,” inferring that since I voted for McCain, I am a racist. This SHOCKED me! Sure there is a thing called free speech and this person can say that to me but if that is the mentality of this one person it certainally is the mentality of a lot of other voters. These people can think that of all people voting for McCain, but most McCain supporters have their own reasons for not voting for Obama and this does not include RACE. Sure I know this is a very liberal campus, and you may choose not to publish this, but I wanted to write this anyway. Regardless of the outcome of the election, I will support the president.

-Kristen Verdi, West Chester Student

To the Editor,

I’m sure Mr. Obama’s first duty as president will be to sign into effect his massive redistribution of wealth. What better place to start than with the $250 million his campaign has amassed?

-Shawn Shillingforn, West Chester Student

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