Wed. Jul 17th, 2024


The university has not lifted the unconstitutional gun ban nor did anyone from the administration write an op-ed defending it.

Now there is a $7 transcript fee. Really, WCU? What a scam. I went and picked one up and after I paid the outrageous fee, the woman printed it out, put it in the envelope, and handed it to me. And I get charged $7 for what? Is it the piece of paper? The envelope? The one minute of time it took the woman to print it out and hand it to me? And what’s their excuse? They are going to put into place a new system where students can order transcripts online so they need the fee increase to pay for that. First of all, I will believe it when I see it. Second, I have news for WCU; Delaware County Community College gives free official transcripts to students and they can be ordered via an online system any time and are mailed to the specified address very soon thereafter. Now what’s the excuse?

Caution: there is a war on women currently being waged by the Republican Party. All women are advised to stay in fortified shelters in order to avoid the bombs and bullets of the women-hating Republicans who want to kill women. Actually, there is no war on women because Congress didn’t declare war yet but I’m sure the Republican-controlled House will declare war any day now. Until then, can we call it a “contingency operation?” (Note: the idea that Republicans want to “kill women” is directly quoted from a Democrat Congresswoman who accused her colleagues of coming to Washington “to kill women” in the following quote: “In ’94 people were elected simply to come here to kill the National Endowment for the Arts. Now they’re here to kill women.”)

The Taliban said: “The Islamic Emirate once again warns the American animals that the mujahideen will avenge them, and with the help of Allah will kill and behead your sadistic murderous soldiers,” Our upstanding soldiers are “sadistic” and “murderous” so the Taliban will “behead” and “kill” them. Wait, who is being sadistic and murderous? This is like a bad joke. The Taliban hangs seven-year-old boys, stones teenage girls to death, throws acid in teenage girls’ faces for going to school, and a variety of other sick-minded torturous and murderous schemes. This is what they do and they are proud of it. This is not what our military does and one lone soldier who will probably be executed by the military for his crimes clearly went against everything out military and country stands for. What is it about evil tyrants? Whether it is a rogue group such as the Taliban or a rogue state such as North Korea, they seem to take it upon themselves to provide the best real-life examples of political hypocrisy.

The reaction of the Afghan people to the massacre of 16 civilians, most of them children, by an American soldier has been relatively restrained. These people are simply amazing. They don’t do much when a U.S. soldier kills innocent Afghan children in cold blood but when the U.S. military accidentally burned Korans that were defaced by terrorists, some of the Afghan people started rioting, burning stuff, and killing people. After the Koran burning our valiant president and his bumbling administration profusely apologized to “the noble people of Afghanistan” (I would like to see what type of people aren’t noble-yikes) for what was essentially a non-offense. They condemned it “in the strongest possible terms,” as if it was the most horrible event ever. This is the second time they did this. The last time is when the yahoo pastor in Florida burned copies of the Koran (that he owned, by the way) resulting in Afghan mobs killing a number of UN workers that were there to help them. At least a few of these UN workers were beheaded. It’s time to get out of Afghanistan. We have given them so many chances and yet they gleefully squander any chance to better themselves and their society. If in the future we get attacked again by terrorists trained and given a safe haven in Afghanistan then we should use bombs and missiles to target the terrorists without sending ground troops in and without trying to save the civilians from themselves.

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