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With the holiday season fast approaching, dining establishments on campus are transitioning to match the festive mood. Many of these changes and promotions were discussed at the Dining Advisory Board meeting held on Thursday, Nov. 20th in the Traditions side of Lawrence Dining Hall. This particular meeting was moderated by Steven Lewis, the Food Service Director of Lawrence Hall.Lawrence offered students their own Thanksgiving Harvest Dinner last Thursday, and will celebrate the winter holidays with an upbeat Jamaican feast on Tuesday, Dec. 9th. Ram’s Head Food Court and Einstein’s Bagels are offering holiday and winter specials as well. Ram’s Head will be visited once more this year by the cookie man, Baker Bob, who customized his desserts for students as a Thanksgiving treat Nov. 20th. Einstein’s Bagels is now offering their specialty Winter Blend coffee, and has added a new menu item: Italian Wedding Soup.

In addition to holiday promotions, the board also discussed other improvements and add-ons to the many dining establishments on campus. The boarded-up dish room on the Traditions side of Lawrence is well on its way to becoming a more efficient, “green,” dish-washing machine station.

Also, a new grill will be installed in Ram’s Head Food Court over the holiday break. The new grill will open up a lot of new menu possibilities, such as an expansion to the breakfast menu. Also, over future “breaks,” the seating area at Ram’s Head will be renovated with new booths and tables, along with other possibilities such as carpet and ceiling reduction to serve as a way to “quiet” the general area.

Larry’s Market (located in Lawrence Hall) has new items in the candy bins, (such as Carmel Creams and Watermelon Sours), and Aramark announces that the Dippin’ Dots ice cream will return after the winter season. The Breaks Truck located near the (New) Swope Music Building has spent the semester experimenting with different menu items and combinations, and will have a set cycle menu for the spring semester.

As many students may have noticed, the Diner is preparing for its new technology. The two touch-screen order kiosks have arrived, and will soon be up and running. The menu on the kiosks will match exactly with the large menu boards that will be visible behind the counter to allow for easy, quicker ordering.

After Thanksgiving break, Lawrence’s China Amnesty program will be in full effect. Bins will be placed in each of the residence halls, and students strongly to encouraged to bring back any of the new (or old) plate- and silverware that may have found themselves taken out of the Dining Hall. If dishes continue to go missing, there will be less and less dishware available for students to use during mealtimes, and during busier hours, students may find themselves unable to find a plate or bowl due to a china shortage.

In the previous meeting, the Board toyed with the idea of moving Subway to the deli station of Ram’s Head Food Court, alongside Chik-Fil-A. At the meeting this past Thursday, other ideas involving possible expansion or renovation of the South Campus convenience store were proposed. Students should keep in mind that many of the ideas discussed in the DAB meetings are not set in stone.

The dining services on campus are always eager for feedback and appreciate student care and involvement with the establishments on campus. The next (and final Fall semester) Dining Advisory Board meeting will be held Thursday, Dec. 4th, at 3:15PM in the Traditions side of Lawrence. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting and provide feedback, offer new ideas, or merely observe.

**Students should note the special hours the different dining establishments will be honoring due to Thanksgiving Break. All dining locations will be closed Wednesday, November 26 to Saturday, November 29th. For a list of the adjusted hours on 11/25 and 11/30, check for flyers at Lawrence Hall and other establishments**

Tara Tanzos is a second-year student majoring in English. She can be reached at

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