Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Music. Everyone listens to it. No one can get away from it. It compliments every emotion human beings could possibly convey. There are countless human emotions, and unfortunately, our present pop culture scene is focused on one emotion. Sex. While sex is fun, like anything else it grows tiresome. How many different ways can these pop stars show off their bodies? When will they attempt to sing or perform something new? Maybe they can’t.Contrary to popular belief, music does not suck these days. There is a massive underground community that has been developing their own individualistic art that can only be categorized as “progressive.”

One question that often circulates is, “If these bands are so good, why don’t they get signed to a major label?” That question is easy to answer. Bands that get signed to major labels have more than talent. They are marketable. That is the number one criteria to signing with any major label.

Major labels will not take a chance on bands like The Mars Volta (who only have major label distribution) and The Disco Biscuits, because there is no guarantee that their music will sell. These bands have fought tooth and nail to reach the status they have acquired. Who even says they want to belong on a major label now with so many different intermediaries to dis-tribute their music?

Tom Moon, a respected Philadelphia music critic says, “The business they’re in depends on the development of artists, singular talents whose contribution may not be fully realized within one business cycle.” That’s a shame since the music business used to focus on long-term growth and not instant profit.

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