Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

When the weather breaks, the same is true for the students here at West Chester University. Whether in back of Wayne Hall, or in front of Goshen Hall, if the sun is out, so are the sun-bathers. However, there is a new way to tan that is misting its way across the globe.Mist-On tan is a new, less harsh way of tanning that is rocking the nation. There are no brutal UV rays from the sun and no worries about getting burnt. It is painless and it does not require applying a cream or lotion.

According to, Mist-On tanning “combines the latest advances in sunless tanning products with state-of-the-art misting technology.” The way that the tan works is a customer steps into a shower-like booth, preferably while wearing a bathing suit. The misting includes four phases, each containing about five seconds of misting and five to seven seconds between each spray to enable the customer to turn to the next position. The customer towel buffs for less than a minute, and can put his or her clothes back on immediately after the misting session.

Customers have reported that most of the bronzer washes off with the first shower or bath, and the DHA, dihydroxyacetone, tan lasts for anywhere between 24 and 48 hours, but the misting process leaves the customer with a distinct tan for five to seven days. Mist-On recommends that a customer tan twice the first week to get a “base tan” and once or twice a week after that, depending on how dark of a tan is desired.

The components of the product include bronzer, which is used for coloring, DHA, which is the active ingredient in most sunless tanning products and moisturizer which contains 25 percent Aloe Vera, vitamin E, alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids and collagen amino acids.

The tan has been proven to be safe by the FDA, which recognizes DHA as a “safe and effective external skin colorant,” according to However, tanners are urged to try not to get the solution in their eyes and to avoid inhaling or ingesting it. Mist-On suggests that tanners close their eyes and hold their breath while tanning, as well.

According to USA Today, “Spray tanning is a cancer free way to get that summer glow.” They report that spray tanning first became popular last year when Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera’s tans were reported to be fake.

Do-it-yourself sunless tanning mist can be purchased online at prices starting at just $8.95 at and other fine tanning sites. In a tanning salon, the tan can start at around $30 per session.

On the next sunny day, instead of lying out in the sun for hours, try going to your local tanning salon and ask for the Mist-On tan. While it may cost a little more, it will save you time and keep you in good health.

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