Sun. May 26th, 2024

I would say that my college experience was definitely an experience. Starting college in quarantine and meeting virtually with classes was definitely not on my bucket list. After the quarantine was lifted and they told us that we could go back to campus, I was excited to finally get to go back in person and make friends. Being one of the only few Black students in my classes as an introvert made it harder for me to actually make friends even in class. I ended up working after my classes and on weekends the majority of my sophomore and junior years.

I didn’t really have much of a college experience because I wasn’t as involved and didn’t have that many friends on campus besides my two friends, Cheyenne and Kim. I would hang out with them in the commuter’s lounge in Sykes Student Union, I would eat there and do work there every day for two years. During the fall of my Junior year, I picked up a minor in Chinese and started becoming involved in campus life by joining the Chinese Club. It wasn’t until the Fall of my senior year when I started becoming more involved.

If I had to describe my college experience in three words I would say it was inspiring, empowering and bumpy. Not only because I didn’t get involved and start making more friends until my last year but because of my life outside of West Chester University. I ended up working two jobs while trying to maintain a social, academic and work-life balance. Outside of that, I was also traveling to and from Philadelphia, Delaware County and West Chester to do community service for The ECO Foundation. I spent a lot of time and energy into that and my own interests and passions. There were times where I was more selfish and self-centered. I would skip classes to go to the movies by myself, cancel plans with friends to go to the mall by myself; I valued my alone time more than my time with others. I thought at that rate, I would end up with the same people for the rest of my life until I had met my current friends who are a part of the NPHC and MGC. After meeting them, I decided to put myself out there and step out of my comfort zone and do the things I actually wanted to do, including joining the National Association of Black Journalists and POESIS. 

I spent my entire college career writing. I wrote at least once a month until January 2021 when I had writer’s block, fell into a depression and my anxiety was more intense. 


Ivori Reid is a fourth-year Psychology major.

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