Sun. May 26th, 2024

The Quad was the first club I ever joined when I came here as a freshman. I contemplated being involved in general on the basis of being an introvert and not wanting to put myself out there too much. Fast forward: during the last couple of weeks of school in spring 2021, I got the courage to publish my first piece in the Arts and Entertainment section. It was an album review for Adele’s album “30,” and at the time, moving forward, I wanted to do album reviews every week under the title “Spotlight.” But time and life taught me a lesson about expectations, so I ended up not doing that consistently and instead just writing about what I cared about.

Writing has always been an ability of mine, but I didn’t know what purpose it really served in my life. Through The Quad, it’s been more prominent than it’s ever been. I remember being so proud of myself for becoming a staff writer in such a short amount of time because I was publishing so many pieces for different sections of The Quad. It made me so aware of all the potential in writing and the idea of being some type of journalist. I remember having small discussions with Dr. Kuebrich (The Quad advisor) about story ideas and possibly being on the paid staff when people started to graduate. I was indecisive about it, not knowing if I wanted to make a full commitment. After some more time as a staff writer, I was hired as Assistant Features Editor at the start of my sophomore year, alongside your next Editor-and-Chief Olivia Schlinkman as the Features Editor. It’s crazy to think that we might’ve been unconsciously preparing to be in these roles together for a while now, given the simple fact that it’s both of us in these roles together, just as we were in features. I am really proud of both of us for making it here. 

At the beginning of my junior year, I decided to take the semester off for the fall and try to really regain my purpose in college and determine what I was trying to achieve for myself in the future and the present. I didn’t really write as much during my break, and I missed it a lot. Coming back to The Quad and college this spring, I knew I had unfinished business with a lot of things here. Becoming your next Managing Editor is a big honor; it obviously will be new to me, but I’m up for the challenge. I’m eager to learn new things and skills that come with the position. Entering my senior year at the same time feels full circle. There are a lot of ideas and new ways to do things at The Quad to be workshopped and maybe implemented. The Quad has always been about community in my eyes, and continuing that is important. In closing, life has a beautiful way of telling you that you’re ready for something even when you don’t think so fully yourself. There’s a lot to be excited and hopeful for in the new academic year as we all enter new stages in college. Always remember that your dreams and aspirations are never too big or small if you, yourself care about them.


Isaiah Ireland is a third-year Media and Culture major.

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