Sun. May 26th, 2024

Walk the sky, love

Step away from the pain and rest your feet.

Hold your head up

From the damp and dirty wash of rain

Across the sidewalk’s path

Where the mist from the roofs

Mingles with the smoke of cigarettes.

Touch the earth, love

Walking backwards from the track of endless tears.

Place your hand there

On the damp and dirty cultured ground

Within the earth’s embrace

Where the breath of seeds

Intertwines with all humanity.

Live your dreams, love

Catch them running through your mind and up the stairs.

Reach your heart out

From the damp and dirty alleyway

Into another space

Where the songs of poets

Pluck on heartstrings like guitars. 


Emily Karreman is a third-year student with majors in Russian and History and a minor in Spanish.

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