Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Photo: “Tumbleweed”; via Unsplash Luismi Sanchez.jpg


I feel like a tumbleweed

rolling down a street in a different environment

on a college campus.


I’m aware of how fucked up I am.

I’m aware of how inconsiderate and selfish I am.

How manipulative I am along with my poor decisions.

I still think of you and the ghosts of my past 

along with my moon.

It isn’t you who shines brighter than me.

The sun.

I’m a Sol.

A reflection of me you are. 

A reflection of him I am. 

Stubborn and hard to forgive.

Many mistakes and questionable decisions. 

We tend to self-sabotage and engage in self-harming behaviors. 

We search for comfort that we cannot get from others,

but yet, we do the things we do

in hopes to distract ourselves from the overwhelming emotions that we feel as we heal after begging God or the Universe for something to feel after going days upon days of not crying over many things that we have spilled.

I am my father’s daughter. 

We get high just to get by

but avoidance is who we lay with every night. 


I enjoy it. 

The rush,

the high.

It all.

But when the clock hits 3:29 a.m.,

I begin to feel like a tumbleweed

rolling down a street in a different environment.


Ivori Reid is a fourth-year Psychology major.

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