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Photo: Delaney Tingle. Photo via wcupagoldenrams.com

*Billy Mills is a member of the WCU tennis team

Spring is right around the corner, which means the return of the tennis season. This is the time when rookies and incoming transfers prove why they’re the right pick for their respective teams. The West Chester women’s tennis team introduced a trio of first-year students to join the reigning Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) East champions.

Born and raised in Southern California, Delaney Tingle is one to watch amongst the newest class of Golden Rams. Delaney’s tennis career started at just six years old. As a multi-sport athlete, she would eventually choose tennis. The Quad was fortunate enough to catch up with Delaney and learn more about her and her experience here at West Chester University.

How did you get into tennis and what was your early career like?

My early career was a lot of tournaments since I was eight. There are too many to count. I had a lot of success in my high school career, and I intend to continue that success into college. I’m excited for what’s to come!

Why WCU and how has your experience been so far?

“I decided to play at WCU because I loved the campus and my sister lived very close. My experience has been great so far. I love my team and couldn’t ask for a better one.”

Delaney and a number of Golden Rams would compete in the PSAC Individual Championships during the fall semester. After a series of matches, the momentum was there for her and her teammates. The California-born rookie would eventually reach the final of the women’s singles bracket. Delaney’s performances were filled with an immaculate mindset, powerful serves and remarkable wins. A run like this only happens so often for the Golden Rams’ tennis program. The last time a player from WCU reached this stage of the tournament was Claire Uhle who attended West Chester from 2013 to 2017.

How did it feel to reach the final of the PSAC Individual Singles Final?

“It was some of the best tennis I’ve played in my life. I was so happy to celebrate with my team, they helped me out a lot along the way.”

Delaney’s four-match winning streak would come to a halt due to a time restraint from Mercyhurst’s Kayla Dean. Dean’s success in the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) Atlantic Regional tournaments would qualify her for the following ITA Cup in Rome, Georgia. After winning the PSAC doubles competition, Dean and her partner would postpone the singles final due to their participation in the upcoming ITA Cup. The match has yet to be played.

As of the fall semester, the West Chester first singles player would acquire a national ranking of No. 47 and a regional ranking of No. 5 for women’s division two tennis.

With your first competitive season as a Golden Ram coming up, how do you feel looking ahead?

“I feel confident in our upcoming season, and I will play my best to do well for my team.”

The WCU tennis program will begin its 2024 season with a trip to Florida. There, the teams will prepare for conference play by competing in four matches during the week. The women will defend their PSAC East crown and fight for the conference title. On the other hand, the men will strive to secure a playoff spot in the upcoming season.


Billy Mills is a third-year Media and Culture Major with a minor in Communication Studies. WM970057@wcupa.edu

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