Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Photo: Beyond The Waterfall; via Unsplash, MJ Tangonan.jpg

Don’t fear the waterfall

For years, it has rained an alluring presence in your valley

Captivating from the riverside, from a distance

Yet you’ve thought better than to sail closer

Until now

Your boat is sturdy and the coast is fine, you think

You can’t help but wonder what lies beyond the waterfall

The looming feeling as you row toward its wrath

Its torrents sound peaceful one minute, then thunderous the next

A cacophony of nature and its might

You feel every bullet of water pierce your skin

You decide that this was a mistake, but you must row forward

The waterfall’s roar begins to quiet

Hail turns to mist, and pain turns to memories

There are no wounds along your skin, only droplets of what used to be

The floor of your boat is flooded, but nothing more

Your eyes take in the sight of magnificence

The tranquil cave and the forest past it lay comforting hands along your rows

Guiding you to a serenity you never knew on the coast

Untouched grass smiles at the sight of you, finally on this side of your valley

Sunlight greets you with warm kisses

A faint sparkle as it dances along your cheeks, still damp with tears

Your discovery of such peace is finally made

You once feared the waterfall

Now, you welcome its beyond


Danielle Margarite is a third-year Media & Culture major with a Digital Marketing minor.

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