Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

The ocean has no name yet demands respect

This is how I know the ocean is a woman,

majestic and alluring

yet an eerie power lies within her soul

No wonder men get lost at sea,

they dive too deep into her soul

and get drowned in the depths of her mystery

You see,

Men will never understand women

because we were never crafted to be unraveled

We are the dateline mysteries that go unsolved

The ones that still sit in police stations from a century ago

The type your eyes linger on as your brain stammers to decipher the code

The nameless ocean is like the women in history books whose credit was passed onto men

But with every male body that she washes up on land, you are reminded that she will always have the last laugh

The ocean has an essence, she exudes vengeance

Perpetual Kahindo is a third-year Political Science major.


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