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In two weeks, the most important phase of the National Football League this side of the Super Bowl will kick off as the NFL draft unfolds with the Carolina Panthers on the clock following their blockbuster trade with the Bears. Many of the top picks will very likely be a quarterback and there is a number of players who will be day one starters. For Philadelphia, the possible scenarios are few, yet widely differing from each other. Some say defense, others want offense. On each side, there are only a few options since the roster is already such a solid squad. On offense, the only weakness can be seen at running back and that is where our first candidate comes into focus. 

Texas running back Bijan Robinson would be a prime option for the lead back position and, in my opinion, would be a stellar addition to an already star-studded roster. He is already being compared to all-time greats such as Adrian Peterson in both his style of play and his similar raw talent. He is 6 feet tall and 222 pounds with acceleration that makes his opponents look like high school competition on the field. He can run through any sized defender and has a good pair of hands to receive well out of the backfield. The biggest pro for him against trading for a veteran back in the league is that he would be fresh out of college and have little to no tread on him whereas a guy like Ezekiel Elliott would have far too much and would be far from his prime. 

The argument for Bijan is that the Eagles, over the next four years would be in, or entering, the prime of Jalen Hurts, AJ Brown, DeVonta Smith, Dallas Goedert and Bijan Robinson AT THE SAME TIME. All would be under contract and all have the potential to be amongst the greatest in their positions. With the way the league is structured, offense wins far more consistently than defense nowadays and with an offense packed with stars behind a generational offensive line, as well as the National Football Conference being at its weakest in years, the argument could be made that multiple Super Bowls can be reached and perhaps won.

Another high profile candidate reigns on one of the most favorite position groups of Howie Roseman: the trenches. Defensive tackle and perhaps the most talented player in the draft, Jalen Carter could be up for grabs when the Eagles pick at number ten. Now, the complexities of the Georgia defender go off of the field as he was involved in a fatal car accident when racing a teammate in another car. His teammate and a team staffer were killed and Carter has been under a very scrutinous eye ever since. 

The debate for NFL teams seems to stem from faith in Carter’s ability to learn from his mistakes and mature into a better man who would not be getting into off-the-field issues threatening his life or the lives of others. This is why he has dropped so low in mock drafts as of late. Teams have been doing their homework and some do not see him as worth the risk. Now, no one can deny that his raw power and athletic ability are nothing short of transcendent, but any player’s legal history has to be taken into account when they are being considered for a roster on an NFL team. 

Other options for the Eagles’ tenth and thirtieth picks include cornerbacks, safeties, defensive edge rushers or simply trading the pick for other picks/players. No one knows for certain what Howie Roseman will do, especially after his magician move of acquiring AJ Brown last season. Names such as Devin White, the disgruntled 25-year-old linebacker from the Buccaneers and Patrick Queen, another young linebacker from Baltimore, have been tossed around in trade scenarios, but no one can tell for certain. Roseman has a mixed history with drafts being very hit or miss. Let’s hope this one is a hit. Fly Eagles Fly!

Joseph Gill is a fourth year English major with a minor in Journalism.

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