Wed. May 29th, 2024

I am 20 years old but I am 40 

Because when I was 12, I was 20 

My bones creaked with every step I took 

As I carried the world’s problems on my small shoulders 


Eyebrows scrunched, glasses perched on the end of my nose  

As I calculated how I could save the world 


Miss. World peace 

That’s what I was known for 

A concept that was so simple to me  

Yet the world mocked me and marked me as naive  


But the older I get 

The more I understand that I was never naive 

That the world I dreamt of wasn’t foolish, it was possible 

But those who are blinded by selfishness are embodied with an evil that cannot see a future too pure for them 

A future that my soul lost hope in ever seeing when they pulled my head underwater 


I wake up tired 

The life draining from my eyes with each day the sun rises 

Every news headline drowns my heart in a sea of rage 

A rage that consumes me with a thirst for revenge 


Revenge for the children that were failed by the system 

Failed by humanity 

Failed by you 


Because I was just 12 years old when I looked into the eyes of a Syrian child  

Surrounded by debris of a beautiful country he never saw 

His cries were barely audible over the sounds of bombs 

But my ears heard every ounce of pain that left his small body 


“I will tell God everything”. 


His words have carried me all those years 

They’re the echo I hear when I see another child failed by society 

From school shootings, abuse, trafficking, war 


Why have we accepted this as reality? 

Normalized children dying in classrooms  

While on the other side of the world, girls are dying for wanting an education 


I Cannot work a 9-5  

Not under a government that blatantly refused to fix Flint’s water 

Not under a government whose priority is banning an app  

Instead of protecting its children from the abuse of the Second Amendment  


Will we ever get tired of our own bullshit? 

Last year I read an article about Bill Gates injecting Indian And African babies with polio 

and their mothers with HIV 

Today I watched five videos of Sweden Police ripping Muslim babies from their mother’s breasts to make a profit from adoption 

I saw black bodies chained together in Libya where the cycle of slavery never ended,  

it’s just ignored 

In the Middle East, African maids are raped and tortured before being killed, 

I know a family who is still being denied seeing the body of their daughter 



Tell me with all this money we waste on wars 

Who is the real enemy? 

What cause is so valuable that we shed blood on land that has no value? 

Who are you to put a price on human life? 



God Is love, that I do not deny, 

but let it also be known that my God is also wrath 

And when his wrath burns,  

may it pour over the offenders who have insulted humanity 



Has an end  

And when mine comes,  

I too, will tell God everything 


Perpetual Kahindo is a second-year political science major.

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