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After the first month and tournament of the women’s rugby season, senior Anne Kelekolio has been named The Quad’s Player of the Month for February after her performances in game and in practice.

She played and started four games for the Purple team at Frostbite College 7s. She did not score any trys herself but was a key component to the team’s success.

She poached the ball twice, both poaches leading to trys for junior Emily Almoney and junior Mariella Paul respectively.

A poach is when, after a tackle, the defending team legally takes the ball and puts their team in possession and on offense. 

Kelekolio started as a walk-on for the Golden Rams part way through her freshman year. She has improved and become a solid player in both 7s and 15s.

“She’s the ultimate all-around player,” head coach Tony DeRemer said. “Anne is an exceptional choice for player of the month of February.”

She is described as a “beast” by her teammates. 

“I give her credit for how fast she’s improved as a player from being a walk-on freshman year to one of our strongest forwards now,” captain Fatih Morley said.

Kelekolio is a remarkable player as well as an inspiration for her teammates.

“Her dedication to this team amazes me every day,” sophomore Sara McNicholas said. “She’s just one of those people and players you look up to and aspire to be like.

Just having her on the field boosts her teammate’s confidence.

“She’s a hard working player and I always feel confident having her by my side,” Morley said.

She is often quiet but her strong presence on the field speaks volumes for the Golden Rams.

“Anne may be quiet and reserved off of the field, but she turns on beast mode when she hits the field,” DeRemer said. “It’s been a joy to watch.”

During the offseason, Kelekolio works hard to improve as a player and her hard work shows when the team returns to West Chester.

“Once summer was over, it was noticeable how much she improved,” junior Taylor D’Orazio said. “ She works hard to keep her spot and she truly deserves it.”

She is a powerful presence on the field through her solid offense and shut-down defense even during practice.

“When we’re playing live, I always see her making big hits or running through holes [in the defense],” Morley said.

She is a hard-working player and a major part of this WCU rugby team.

“Anne brings power, passion and heart into every game she plays,” DeRemer said.

Aside from her skill on the field as a player, Kelekolio is one of the kindest and patient players on the team, a “ray of sunshine.”

“She doesn’t just have the talent and rugby knowledge, but she is the most supportive and kindhearted person on the team,” D’Orazio said.

She is often there to pick up her fellow players and reassure or help them in whatever way she can.

“If she sees you struggling or overthinking during a drill, she’ll take you to the side and slow it down with you,” McNicholas said. “She’s the type of player that you can always rely on.”

Honorable mentions go out to freshman Mikayla Kizel and freshman Sophia Hoyer. Both played in the Frostbite College 7s. Kizel showed her strong offensive skills and scored three trys. Hoyer was a strong offensive and defensive player throughout the tournament.



All Games


WCU A 3 1 82 36 14 6

WCU B 3 0 56 15 10 3

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