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Social media runs our world, whether we like it or not. With that, it’s important that when scrolling through social media, you see people that you can identify with and relate to. For black people, it might be hard to find creators they relate to because of the app’s algorithm, and you’re just not looking in the right places. In this piece, I’m going to refer you to some black creators I think you should be following. These include people in fashion, comedy, gaming, etc. I want to note that most of the creators that will be mentioned have a huge following on multiple platforms, but I’m acknowledging them in the app they’re most popular for.


@rendezvous4you (100k Followers): Love, love, love and more love—that’s what this page is about. Whether it’s self-love or loving someone special in your life, this page is your go-to guide for all things black love and self-worth.

@nickeldridgee (14.6k Followers): This is for my streetwear lovers. Nickel’s got this style on lock, and the aesthetic is dope as well. Make sure you support the clothing company in his bio as well. 

@exquisite_eye (55.4k Followers): For all my aspiring creative directors, Breyona Holt is the girl for you. She’s a creative director herself, working with some of the biggest celebrities like SZA, Coco Jones, Kerry Washington, Normani and more!

@cocochinelo (95k Followers): Coco is a one-stop shop for all things fashion, beauty and authenticity. She’s currently residing in Philadelphia, which is also a bonus. 

@nickauther (11.2k Followers): The first thing you notice about Nick’s page is that he’s always traveling! Through his eyes, you see a range of cities and towns across the US and the world. He’s also been on a fitness journey as well, so if you love travel and black boy joy in general, then he’s the guy for you. 


@samofrais (954.8k Followers): If you love cooking, then he’s the guy for you, with his Tik Tok right now. With over 300 million likes on his page, he’s sure to make you question your own habits. 

@antonibumba (935.8k Followers): It’s Antoni’s world, and we’re just living in it. The self-proclaimed “girl with a beard” doesn’t shy away from being different, and that’s why the people love her. known for her signature braids and relatable content. Antoni is the gift that keeps on giving. 

@fathermerk (58.8k Followers): member of the Rager club, which is a group started by a couple of friends making Tik Tok videos, has its own growing following. But get to know Merk himself. 

@aliyahsinterlude1 (2.5M Followers): Creator of the viral “aliyahcore” style, Aliyah is a force and is here to stay. Aliyah promotes being confident in your skin and image, among other things. She just recently had her own cover in Galore magazine, which is amazing in itself. 


Mazelee (Alena Maze): Following Alena and her journey with husband Joe Lee as they conquer life with their eight kids. According to the pair, their channels document “their journey to find their purpose in the will of God. While revealing the dynamics of a multicultural blended family and a Black and Korean relationship, the couple transparently expresses their struggles and successes through cinevlogs (cinematic vlogs).’’ 

Joe Budden TV (1.2M subscribers): The notorious Joe Budden is known for his outspoken opinions and going against the grain mentality. Joe has one of the most popular podcasts out there right now. He posts full podcast videos on his YouTube channel as well as other short and long form content. 

Arrington Allen (316k subscribers): Follow the newly 19-year-old Arrington as he embarks on his journey to spread light and positivity on his platforms. Arrington also not too long ago moved to Los Angeles, and he also documents his journey there as well. 

@Trapceleb (199k subscribers) “All I’m thinking about right now is a 12-pound bag of seafood boil.” If you’ve been on tik-tok for the past couple of months, you cannot escape trap celeb sounds. Since going viral on TikTok for his hilarious sounds and commentary. He’s been getting way more active on YouTube, which is where the sounds originated from. He’s sure to have you dying laughing, so check him out. 


@rahsh33m (118.1k Followers): Mesh has got all the memes and funny videos you could ever think of on deck. If you need a good laugh, then his page is for you. 

@rapalert6 (82.4k Followers): If you love music and hip hop, then this is the page for you. Rapsleet reports on all the hottest music out right now; he also adds a little humor in his tweets as well, so it doesn’t feel like a robot is posting like some other pages are, which is nice. 

Honorable mentions: @challan (YouTube) @pbstevo (Instagram) @rahquisebowen (Tik Tok and Instagram) @worrsst (Twitter and Instagram) @dl.feli (Instagram)  @brucedropemoff (twitch) @Leekylo (Twitch and Instagram) 

It’s great to highlight black creators who are on the rise and have made a name for themselves. Black creators face challenges in getting their names out there as much as others, so it’s important to shout them out when you can. 

Isaiah Ireland is a second-year media and culture major with a minor in digital marketing.

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