Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

It really hurts thinking about the fact that you know you deserve more 

You know what you offer

You know how special you are

But you always seem to feel like no one else sees it

No one else understands

I thought he understood

I thought we were good

I thought maybe he could be the one

Maybe this is when I get my fairytale ending 

I get what I always longed for

Someone who loves me for me

Someone who isn’t ashamed of me

Who sees me for exactly who I am

Lets all the good things about me overshadow my flaws

Someone who stares in awe of me when I’m not looking

But then again I really am looking but just out of the corner of my eye 

Someone who genuinely wants me

But I was wrong

It was all an act if you ask me

Got me in the beginning

We had sex

It was cool

You want to keep me around cause I’m cool

I cook for you, I care about you

Everything you want

But not enough to be your girlfriend

You use your past relationship as a pawn

But that’s not what it is about

Is it?

I’m just not enough for you

Am I?

But you know?

That’s okay

Let me go

I’ll leave, gladly

No need to pretend anymore

No need to act like this is actually what you want

When all you really wanted was someone to lay with 

Someone to cook for you

Someone to keep you company

But you don’t want ME

You want the things I can do for you

You don’t want my random attitudes

You don’t want my obnoxious laugh

You don’t want my obsession with 90s r&b love songs 

You don’t want it

You just wanted someone

And shit maybe I did too

Maybe I only wanted you for the same reasons you only wanted me 

Someone to keep me company

But what if I no longer just want company

What if I want more?

What if I need more?

What if 


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