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West Chester University’s B-side played three games at 2023 Frostbite 7s and finished with a 30 record and 10 total trys.

The Gold team, listed as WCU #1 on the schedule, is the B-side squad for our rugby team. The Gold team was mostly made of new players, only four of the 11 being returning players.

They stayed solid the whole tournament despite the overall lack of experience. 

“The cohesion on the team was evident,” head coach Tony DeRemer said. “The whole squad worked together all day long to come home with their undefeated record for the day.”

In the first match of the game, the Gold Rams defeated Kutztown University (KU) 195. Freshman Bridget Kowalski scored two trys for the team and was moved to the Purple Team for the rest of the tournament. 

Freshman Mikayla Kizel scored one try and had one poach. Sophomore Sara McNicholas kicked two successful conversions.

Freshman Carleigh Welsh had one poach in the game. Kizel, senior Katie Wallenburg and sophomore Caroline Metzgar all led the team in tackles.

Since both WCU captains competing were on the Purple team, Wallenburg and McNicholas were named captains on the Gold team.

“Katie Wallenburg played really good as captain of the Gold Team,” freshman Sophia Hoyer said. 

The second game was a 205 win against Binghamton University’s second team (BU2). Welsh and senior Audrey Schweizerhof each scored one try. Schweizerhof led the team in tackles with Welsh in close second.

“Caleigh did amazing for the time she played,” Hoyer said. “[She] really was impressive with tackling and rucking.”

Kizel scored two trys in the game for 10 points. Her first try was set up by a good offload from Hoyer. Her second was set up from an offload from Wallenburg. Kizel kept finding herself in good positions to make differences throughout the game.

The third game was against University of Pittsburgh #3. The Gold Rams came away with a 175 win to finish out their day.

Wallenburg scored a try and Schweizerhof scored two. McNicholas kicked one successful conversion.

Overall, Schweizerhof and Kizel led the team in scoring with 15 points each. Kowalski was third with 10 points, and McNicholas fourth with six.

Wallenburg led the team in tackles after three games. Kizel and Schweizerhof were tied for second in most tackles.

After playing at Frostbite 7s, the team now has a chance to look at their mistakes and improve. The tournament being so early in the season will work to the team’s benefit.

“It showed what we have to work on,” Hoyer said. “I think everyone knows their weak points now.”

Ty Hickey, media and culture major, minor in Chinese 

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