Fri. May 17th, 2024

Every month, we should recognize women who make a difference, no matter how big or small. But in March, it’s especially important to do so. You may know Yara Shahidi from her 8.1 million followers on Instagram, her hit show “Grownish” (which I recommend you check out), which follows her and a group of friends as they navigate college or her philanthropic work with countless organizations. 

On top of that, Shahidi managed to complete her studies at Harvard University. Shahidi discussed her major in the Social Studies and African American departments in a Vogue story by Christian Allaire, which covered her Harvard graduation. 

Commenting on her educational journey, she says, “It’s surreal to have finally hit this major milestone,” Shahidi tells Vogue. “I’ve known I wanted to go to college since I was four. By 17, I knew exactly what I wanted to study, so to see that come to fruition is a goal fulfilled.”

Later on in the Vogue piece, she discusses what she plans to do with her newfound time and freedom. She explains, “’I love what I do in the acting, entertainment and producing worlds. I am so excited for this future moment of being able to pour my all into all of those areas… For the majority of my career, I’ve always had an essay or assignment due. This feels like a new chapter where I can invest time into more of what I love to do.’” 

Shahidi also explained how she hopes to continue pursuing academics while balancing her career in entertainment. “’As somebody that always tries to be socially engaged, I am looking forward to being able to deepen my work… My concentration emphasized that by studying our history and our past and projected futures, I’m most excited by creating opportunities to exercise what I’ve learned — and to be flexible to learn so much more.’” 

It’s important to highlight people in our generation who are more specifically going through a period of their life that some of us can relate to. As of late, she is still working on projects and making appearances. Most recently, she was seen walking the red carpet for the 2023 NAACP awards and has been filming season six of “Grownish.” Also starring in the new Tinkerbell remake called “Peter Pan & Wendy” that’s coming to Disney on Apr. 28, Shahidi was cast as Tinkerbell. The trailer dropped not too long ago and has seen mixed reviews from audiences. Overall, however, she looked beautiful, and most are excited to see her play Tinker Bell and defy the critics. 

Shahidi is of Iranian descent; her cousin is the legendary rapper Nas, who was accepted to every college she applied to. Shahidi is a prime example of this, having had a long career and many life experiences despite being only 24-years-old. Happy Women’s History Month, and make sure you check out the Quad for more amazing highlights throughout the month!

Isaiah Ireland is a second-year media and culture major with a minor in digital marketing.

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