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Rev up the Rams!! Purple and gold, purple and gold!! Rams up!! These are the sayings that most of us will hear and say very soon. Homecoming is right around the corner and will be held during the week of Oct. 3 to the 9th, get ready to have the time of your life, people. Get ready to take some awesome pics and videos to capture the moments. 

Looking ahead, the football game is the superstar of homecoming week. This is where many of us extend invitations to family and friends, which builds the crowd even more and provides a chance for folks to meet other folks. For this year’s homecoming game, scheduled for Oct. 8 at 2 p.m., our Rams play against Shippensburg University. Although the football game is what gets everyone amped up with enthusiasm and high adrenaline, there are a variety of events throughout the entire homecoming week as well. 

Another big event is the homecoming parade — also known as the “Homecoming Block Party” — that’s being held on the same day as the football game from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Ram Park. Many of the events take place over at Sykes Student Union. Students can find information about the events in our school’s newsletter, Ram Roundup, and on RamConnect. 

One thing that sticks out the most about West Chester University is our school spirit and how proud and bold we are about it. We rock our colors with pride. Now, although every student’s homecoming experience varies, most of us can agree that we have a blast during this time. Fun is the #1 priority during homecoming week, especially during the weekend because the goal is for everyone to have a great time and create awesome memories. Each year there is a different homecoming theme. 2019’s homecoming was “Wild Wild West.” 2021’s theme was “Once Upon A West Chester,” and focused on fairy tales. At some point, many students, including myself, have seen someone dressed up as a princess or prince either in Sykes or in the back of Sykes at Ram Park. This year’s theme is “Rock n’ Roll,” which should be fun.

I had the opportunity to interview two awesome fourth-year students at WCU who are gearing up and preparing for our 2022 homecoming. These responses will assist freshmen and transfer students by giving them an idea of what to expect and be mindful of. The interviewees’ names are Mya F. and Deyona A. I asked both of them to share some remarks and moments about past homecoming experiences, what they look forward to as well as some words of wisdom. 

Mya shares that she really enjoys the rep rally and that this will be her third time attending. She looks forward to attending the homecoming parade for the first time. She is excited for the tailgate the most because of the “lit” environment and music. The tailgate is held at R-Lot, which is a parking lot located near the Robert Gordon Natural Area. Mya mentions that the music selection is very well-put together because the DJ plays hip hop and rap. She says, “I like being with my people and it makes the rep rally more enjoyable.” 

She also said that the rep rally consists of everyone dancing, including dance battles. It is located in Sykes ballrooms and has been held there for years. The first thing that comes to mind when she thinks of homecoming is that, “It’s a great time and full of really good memories, and I can turn up.” Mya provides a few pointers and says that, “Everyone should be responsible. Watch your surroundings and make sure your friends are okay.” This is key because not only is homecoming made up of WCU students but as mentioned before, people invite other people so you may not know everyone. Just be very mindful of this. There will be plenty of public safety officers present, so if you feel wary or uneasy about something, speak up and make them aware as their mission is to protect us. “See something, say something” is going to be very valuable during homecoming and everyday moving forward. 

Moving on to the second interviewee, Deyona is a part of three student organizations including the University Dance Company, Precise, and D.R.E.A.M. — a hip hop dance team. She shares her enjoyable homecoming moments and highlights which all include the rep rally, football game, tailgate and parade. This will be her first time attending the homecoming parade and her third time attending the rep rally, however her first time performing in it. She says, “I enjoy the atmosphere of the football game because it’s interesting, exciting and fun. I want them to win. I enjoy rep rally because it’s real hype and includes rap, trap and R&B music. Everyone dances in the dance battle and has a ball. All around great time. 1-2-3 Dream.” 

She’s confident about performing and feels as though the D.R.E.A.M. team is ready to bring it during the dance battle. She also says, “Come out and watch the show because it’s Philadelphia theme and Philadelphians especially should pop out and vibe with us.” She also mentions that everyone should have a great and safe time and make long-term memories. So first and foremost be safe and smart, but have a blast Rams. It’s almost time to turn up!

Adja Box is a fourth-year Communication Studies major with a minor in media and culture.

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