Mon. May 16th, 2022

I first started writing for The Quad back in fall of 2020, when everything was online and where the weekly meetings were on Zoom. Going into it, I would have never thought I would meet the amount of amazing and just absolutely wonderful people that I have. I am truly appreciative of all of the invaluable lessons I have learned and experiences I will never forget. It is because of the individuals that make up The Quad that makes this article dedicated to them and the organization.

The official start of my journey with the newspaper began at the fall 2020 virtual involvement fair. I was wandering between the Zoom booths of organizations that sounded interesting, and happened into the Zoom room for The Quad. Sitting in the room was the current Editor-in-Chief for the newspaper, Brendan Lordan. And while I do not remember much of the encounter, I remember Brendan being soft spoken, but incredibly welcoming all at once. After the interaction, I emailed him with the sections I was interested in writing in, and he added me to the email lists for them.

It only took a few days after meeting and emailing Brendan before I would get an email from the Op-Ed Editor at the time, Ali Kochik. Ali is perhaps one of the kindest individuals you will ever have the pleasure of meeting, and is the creator of some of the most friendly and exciting emails you will ever read. Ali, as well as each of the Features editors during the 2020-2021 academic year made being a part of The Quad an absolute joy, and I appreciate all of the time and patience they have given me with my articles.

Writing for the Op-Ed section has been rewarding, from starting up my two columns to writing about random topics I want to lend my voice to. If you have opinions on current events or random things, I encourage you to also write for the Op-Ed section, granted the article is at least partially grounded.

In turn, writing for the Features section has been rewarding in its own right, as well, encouraging me to do more regular research and check my own biases. The section has allowed me to write in my other two columns, as well as some creative works like a poem and a handful of short stories. The section has allowed me to share lessons I have learned to others, as well as highlight organizations around the university, and for that I am grateful.

I had the opportunity to also write for the News section a couple of times, with articles centered around the West Chester mayoral candidates. This section in particular, as well as features, has been a place of collaboration with friends for me. I believe that this section is being excellently run by Matthew Shimkonis, who I am still hoping will open the safe in the office. And this section has had outstanding leadership during the 2020-2021 academic year as well, from its previous Editor.

I remember attending the News sections meetings on Zoom, and Matthew was almost always there, as well as Professor Benjamin Kuebrich, the advisor for the organization. Professor Kuebrich is always so helpful, showing his dedication and how immensely he cares about the newspaper and the students that run it.

Long story short, from the very start, I was greeted with kindness and patience from everyone in the organization, and I am continually thankful of the individuals I get to work with each semester. I am thankful to work with the current Op-Ed Editor Kristine Kearns, who shows a deep compassion towards others as well as for the welfare of the planet. I am thankful to work with the current Features Editor Rebecca Kelley, who is always understanding and patient when it comes to my articles and breathes creativity.

The whole show continues to run smoothly, with the new Editor-in-Chief Julien Padillo, whose leadership and fashion are second to none. I am thankful that you listen to my ideas, and put up with me moving stuff around in the office. And for all of those that were not directly mentioned, thank you. Every editorial board member, staff writer and special to The Quad makes the organization as amazing as it is, and for that I thank you as well. It is because of all the hard work, dedication and kindness that each of you embody that I dedicate my hundredth article to you. Thank you.

Evan Brooks is a fourth-year Business Management major with minors in Economics and Civil & Professional Leadership.

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