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I am a part of a lot of organizations here at West Chester University (WCU). I also have the privilege of saying I was a part of several organizations back at my other college, and in high school. I have learned a lot when it comes to running and continually improving organizations. Throughout this article, what makes an organization successful, as well as some things that WCU organizations can do after reading, will be elaborated upon. Below will be some of the tips and tricks organizations can use to keep moving forward.

First, one of the main issues that organizations often face is attendance — and on top of that, gaining sustained interest throughout the year. It is important to note that some parts of each semester have low attendance outputs, whether it is because of midterms, holidays or high stress periods of the semester.

Knowing that attendance and interest can fluctuate throughout the semester, there are some basic things that your organization can do to sustain high levels of engagement. One of the most useful tools your organization has access to is Ramconnect. Through Ramconnect you can schedule events, send emails and upload important documents like your bylaws.

A useful feature you can find on your Ramconnect page is your website. Your website is one of the first things new students see when they click on your organization, which makes it all the more important that you update it from its present version. Change the styles of text on your website, the pages that are linked and add what is important to your organization on each page.

Adding your social media via connected links on your website, as well as working with organizations to shout out each other’s events, can increase traffic to them. Overall, take a look at your organization’s Ramconnect website, see how you can create a better landing spot for new visitors and gain inspiration from other organizations that have already done so.

Your organization may also find it helpful to reevaluate your bylaws and update them where needed. Then you should upload them to your Ramconnect page and send them to the Student Government Association (SGA), so they can catalogue it. By doing this, your organization stays in good standing and the board is able to better understand the structure of your group.

Stay on top of your finances. Your organization needs to ensure they attend any SGA budget seminars to ensure your Treasurers are well informed on their responsibilities. Should they need more information, have them reach out to SGA directly. Make sure your organization submits their budget also, which is due around Dec. 6; this budget is for the next academic year. Also, ensure you make use of all the available avenues for funds for events from SGA via budgets, SGA Finance Committee, transfers from other organizations and departments on campus.

It is good practice to also have executive meetings, as often or somewhat as often as you have regular ones. Use executive meetings for planning. Know that any idea is worth sharing. Make sure to communicate with your team, to work as one and to move forward, always learning as an organization and continuing to grow.

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Evan Brooks is a fourth-year Business Management major with minors in Economics and Civil & Professional Leadership.

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