Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

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Did you just get a new BAE in September? Maybe your best friend who goes to school on the West coast is coming in for fall break. Have you been dying to have the most perfect fall Instagram feed but fall short each year (no pun intended)? Perhaps you just want to experience more in life and make the most out of the changing seasons.

Whether you just got boo’d up, or your girls are coming to town for a while, I have conjured up the perfect autumn bucket list for you to start checking off within the next two months. So grab your favorite markers, crayons, or colored pencils, your paper of choice, pick and choose your most desired activities to complete and make a cute autumn bucket list spread! Many of these activities can be completed in one go if you attend some type of festival or business that has pumpkin patches, corn mazes and plenty of fall foods. For example, my favorite place to get lost is in the falling leaves at Roba’s Family Farms in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. It’s a bit far from here, but has every fall activity and food you can imagine. Therefore, if you are in a time crunch where you can only complete your bucket list on the weekends or you just discover this list too late, look for a place like Roba’s where you can kill multiple birds with one stone.

1. Paint pumpkins

2. Have a bonfire

3. Watch a football game in real life (West Chester, Eagles, your hometown)

4. Go to homecoming

5. Visit a pumpkin patch

6. Get lost in a corn maze

7. Fall photoshoot

8. Go to a fall festival

9. Make a leaf pile

10. Eat Halloween candy

11. Live in sweatshirts

12. Go to Field of Screams

13. Carve pumpkins

14. Eat pumpkin seeds

15. Go to an orchard

16. Dress up for Halloween

17. Attend a fall/Halloween party

18. Enjoy a hayride

19. Drink/eat something pumpkin spice flavored

20. Drink apple cider

21. Go for a scenic fall drive

22. Go for a walk

23. Make cookies (preferably Pillsbury Halloween ones)

24. Eat candy corn

25. Jump in a leaf pile

26. Watch a sunset

27. Go hunting

28. Go for a quad/buggy ride

29. Go to a petting zoo

30. Eat apple sauce

31. Indulge in some corn on the cob

32. Black Friday shopping

33. Halloweentown movie night

34. Visit a pumpkin house (Creekside Gardens in Tunkhannock, PA is a great option)

35. Watch a Goosebumps movie

36. Eat apple cider donuts

37. Eat soup

38. Watch an outdoor movie

39. Stargaze

40. Listen to your favorite fall vibes song

41. Read a fantasy/spooky book

Now that you have selected your activities and have conjured up your own personal bucket list, make sure to add a couple doodles of pumpkins or leaves, and then your page is all set to go. Enjoy, and make the most of your fall while crossing off your items. Just remember, the only rule to this bucket list is pics or it didn’t happen!

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