Wed. Dec 8th, 2021
Paige Reali
Special to The Quad | PR969262@WCUPA.EDU | + posts

Paige Reali is a first-year Nursing major.

I should warn you

I do not fall easy

You will have to drag me by my throat

as I howl and snarl

digging my nails into your skin

until we are both bleeding 

My life has been a fist fight,

and you must prove your loyalty to me

in broken bones and bruises 


But if you wrestle me to that precipice 

and drown me in the waters below

I should warn you

I love completely

without reservation or doubt

My whole being will sing your praises

every inch of my skin will crave your touch

I will love you until my bones turn to dust

until the stars forget the moon

until the very breath in my lungs 

fades to nothing

I will make you my muse

and from my hands

I will dedicate mountain ranges to your name

Paint waterfalls from the curve of your spine

and take the twisted, broken parts of you

Crowning them at the center of my work

To remind you 

any art worth a damn

possesses an element of devastation


And when I give you all these things

I should warn you

not to shy away from my darkness

or the fissures beneath my skin

not to toss my love to the wayside

Forgotten like the waves 

forget the moon at dawn

Because I will turn away

and not look back



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