Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

“‘Nobody’ captivates similar elements to ‘John Wick’ in action and plot, but falters in creativity.”

Hello fellow moviegoers, and welcome to the last film review on Cinema Perception. In this last review, I will delve into a deeper look at the latest film by Universal Pictures, “Nobody.” Before I begin, the film’s title does not relate to a philosophical meaning of one’s existence. On the contrary, the film’s title centralizes on an individual named Hutch Mansell, who is known by the few as a retired government auditor. 

The essential plot of the film is that Hutch longs to reclaim a kitty cat bracelet that is “stolen” from him. Though the bracelet’s disappearance is one point in the plot, the main plot morphs into full on action as Hutch must battle his way to survive to protect his family. 

Before watching the actual film on Amazon Prime, I personally felt “Nobody” had similar characteristics to that of the “John Wick” series since the main character faced extraordinary obstacles to achieve his end goal. After watching the film, I noticed that there were significant differences from both characters. Specifically, Hutch’s persona contrasts to that of John’s in that he is not a lonely figure but rather a family man that has family issues.  

Other than the comparisons of John and Hutch, let me summarize the positives. To begin, the film did extraordinarily well with the blend of action and comedy. In one scene, I found Hutch’s fight sequence at the bus to be entertaining. There was no point within the film that I found the action to be dull or rather unsatisfactory. Rather, the action continued to build up till the very end. Another positive that the film had was the known cast. Seeing Christopher Lloyd play as Hutch’s older father caught me by surprise since I found Lloyd to be more of a comedian rather than an action fighter. This can also be said about Bob Odenkirk since the last time I saw him play was in “Better Call Saul” as Saul Goodman. In addition to the cast list, the film did well with special effects. The sight of a lit-up house or a car being busted made the average moviegoer want to watch more. 

Despite that this action film had notable positives, there were some negatives that the film lacked to fix. The first issue was the lack of creativity on the plot. Though the main plot was well-rounded, there were certain holes that the film had forgotten to mention. Specifically, what organization did Hutch work for, and why was this known organization not going after Hutch? This lack of creativity could also extend toward Hutch’s family since they were not closely followed but acted as minor characters to Hutch’s descent to reclaim what was lost. The other negative that I had within this film is the runtime. A true action film that has a known plot would round up to two hours and thirty minutes, pending on the inner conflict. In “Nobody,” the inner conflict did not seem to be an urgent matter,and it was rather solved in one hour and forty-five minutes. In so doing, it surmised that the essential plot might not have been extended. The last negative that I had with the film was the lack of mixed martial arts. In “John Wick,” the moviegoer would understand that there was a lot of incorporation of martial arts and guns throughout the film, resulting in an adrenaline filled ending. In “Nobody,” martial arts were not put into focus, but rather, it is centrally-focused as more towards using weapons to destroy rather than to pulverize. 

Regardless of the minor issues that I saw in the film, “Nobody” still delivers in action and depth. Personally, I believe this is one of Odenkirk’s finest roles he has done in a long time, and I hope that there would one day be a convergence with John and Hutch’s worlds. For that, I rate this film a four out of five stars. As a final recommendation, for any filmgoer that wants to watch an action film with similar depth, I recommend “John Wick” or the “Rambo” series. To conclude, this is Nicholas Bartelmo signing off from Cinema Perception. Best wishes, keep on watching, and congratulations class of 2021. 

Nicholas Bartelmo is a fourth-year History major.

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