Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Dear, parents, students and colleges, 


I am a healthy freshman at West Chester University. Talking to friends at other schools, all of them are sick. 

 I am currently living in the South Campus apartments. West Chester has set rules and regulations that we must follow to keep us and the community safe. Before anyone is to enter our development, we must show our West Chester ID, and say our name and what building we are in. I have friends that go to Temple, Penn State and Coastal Carolina who I have been seeing go out and party.  

While other colleges such as Penn State or Temple might also have strict rules, from what my friends say, they are not as enforced. Since they are bigger schools and have more students on campus, there is a higher chance for students to catch and spread COVID-19. There’s also a difference between the upperclassmen and freshmen and how they are living their lives on campus. Penn State upperclassmen have even made a petition to get the freshmen kicked off campus because they have been careless with campus guidelines.  

 As a freshman in college, I understand how hard it is for us to have such a different and difficult experience. We have been waiting for this year to come for ages and there is a strong urge of wanting to fully experience college, but it’s also important to think about the health and safety of everyone else.  

COVID is still a serious issue in the world today. There are some people who don’t take it seriously, including college freshmen who think it’s not going to affect them. Many people who are still going out still don’t understand that if they end up getting COVID-19, they can spread it to a lot of people. You never know who you’re interacting with and who they can spread it to and how they will be affected by it.  

I say, let students go back to college and have that experience, but setting rules, sticking with them and having students know them is the main factor in having a healthy and safe school.



Izzy Rodriguez is a first-year Early Grades Preparation major.

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