Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

This past week on “Survivor”, we saw the fallout of Wendell’s blindside, as well as the chaos that makes the game truly a game. Whether it’d be scrambling or flipping the vote on a dime, the merged tribe went through some crazy moments on this past week’s episode. At the Edge of Extinction, Parvati and Danni went searching for an advantage that was clued to every member at the Edge. 

Luckily for them, Parvati remembered that in a season prior to the first Edge of Extinction, then castaway Aubry found a hidden advantage near the steps upon the island. This led the duo to that same spot, where Parvati and Danni found the hidden advantage, called the 50/50 coin. This gave anyone who had it a 50/50 shot at immunity at tribal, next to the other winner of immunity. Parvati ended up selling it to Michelle, who in turn cleared her fire token total to get it. In this episode came a reward challenge for Chinese Takeout, which shocked the entire tribe.

Jeremy and Kim were the captains as it came close to the end of the final puzzle. Sophie and Michelle shocked the all-men squad, as Ben was the only man on the blue team. Sarah also ended up taking a bit of a game move in the other tribemates’ eyes, as she gave her reward to Nick, who just got blindsided on his birthday the night prior. Seeing this, Adam did not like it and ended up starting a series of “he said, she said” conversations. 

Adam plotted to vote out Sarah, as his side of the tribe was set on doing so. However, Denise ran to Kim and told her the plan, which Sarah eventually heard about. What was a solid vote-out that evening went into many, many names, as the tribe went into one of the most grueling immunity challenges on “Survivor”. The castaways had to use only their toes to balance themselves on a small triangular platform in the sea. With the first five and ten-minute intervals, they would advance higher and higher on the platform until the last person was left standing. Unsurprisingly to nobody, many folks fell almost off the bat. It came down to three men and three women, as they battled it out to the very end. 

Kim ended up taking the crown over the five others, as she solidified herself with individual immunity. Going into Tribal Council, many names were thrown out at camp. Whether it was Nick, Adam or even Sarah….it all came down to the meeting at Tribal Council itself. Those who spoke the most were Adam and Nick, but Adam clearly asserted himself as very paranoid about him going home that evening. The members of the Edge and Jeff Probst watched on as people continuously whispered into each other’s ear, as it all ended with a vote. Unfortunately, the target became Adam due to such paranoia, and his last-ditch attempt of saving himself with a fleur-de-lis symbol upon the tribal podium failed, and he was sent to the Edge of Extinction. Find out what happens next week on the next episode of “Survivor”! 

Jeff Babcock is a third-year student majoring in communications.

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