Fri. May 17th, 2024

This past week on “Survivor: Winners at War,” we saw treacherous challenges, incredible comebacks and the final straw for Tyson on the Dakal tribe. In this recap, I’ll go over all the craziness that made up the last episode of “Survivor: Winners at War.” 

The episode began with us going straight to the “Edge of Extinction” where we see the residents of the Edge. Natalie, Amber, Danni and now Ethan all make up the “Edge of Extinction”, and they all woke up to find yet another opportunity to get a fire token. However, to get the token they must take 20 trips back and forth up a hillside and take 20 pieces of wood back to the camp one at a time by sundown. This brought each and every member to tears as they finished, as it showed the strength and perseverance of all four of them, with Ethan nearly fainting because of it. Ethan, whom only a decade ago was in cancer treatment, pulled through and did it, as the three others on the Edge with him did the final lap.

 Meanwhile, back at the Dakal and Sele tribe, things were heating up. On Sele, Adam was a workhorse after he nearly got voted off at Tribal the night prior. Boston Rob and Parvati noticed that, and they immediately went to Jeremy and Michele to convince them that if they lost immunity again, they’d vote off Adam. At the Dakal Tribe, Sandra had her eyes set on Tyson, who tried to flip the votes to get her out two weeks prior. This all led up to the immunity challenge, where Dakal completely dominated the physical aspect of the challenge; the tribe had to send three people onto a boat as the others pulled them along in the water and had to jump to grab a key off a tower. Adam had a really rough time with this, as he kept missing repeatedly before he finally got it, but at that point, it was already too late. Dakal had made it to the puzzle and it seemed like the challenge was a complete blowout — or was it? That’s because Sele marched right back into it and had Rob and Michelle practically redeem themselves in the puzzle as they quickly caught up to Dakal and eventually had the biggest comeback in Survivor history to win. 

After the Sele comeback, Dakal returned to their camp stunned. Sandra still had her guns aimed at Tyson, and for her, that seemed to be the surefire plan since nobody could really trust Tyson at this point. Tony, on the other hand, thought that if Tyson would get voted out, then he and Sandra would be exposed to the other side of the tribe. Tony worked that entire day to try to convince Sandra and others that Nick (who lost at the puzzle in the immunity challenge), was a bigger threat than Tyson and how they should vote him out instead. When it came time for Tribal Council, Dakal decided to indeed vote out Tyson, sending him to join the four others at the Edge of Extinction. What will happen next? Find out this Wednesday night on the next episode of “Survivor: Winners at War!”

Jeffrey Babcock is a third-year communications major with a minor in journalism.

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