Mon. May 16th, 2022

Bartholomew Richard Fitzgerald-Smythe, a.k.a. Mr. Peanut, of the Planters Peanut Co. died at the age of 104 on Jan. 22.

Mr. Peanut was driving in his nutmobile with actors Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh when they accidentally swerved off a cliff to avoid hitting an armadilllo. The trio were hanging off a branch, about to collapse from their collective weight, when Mr. Peanut decided to let go, sacrificing himself so his friends could live. Any hope for his survival was crushed when he was suddenly engulfed in a fiery explosion.

Mr. Peanut, born 1916, was known as the most famous mascot in advertising history. Also a war veteran, this one of a kind legume became iconic with his top hat, monocle, white gloves and black cane. He is remembered as someone who always put others first. He will be missed by many for the happiness he spread during his life. His funeral will be broadcasted for all to view at the Superbowl’s third quarter on Feb. 2.

Here are some sentiments for the one and only Mr. Peanut that people have commented on social media in reaction to the tragic news:

@realwesleysnipes said: The world has lost a great nut, and I’ve lost a great friend. I can never repay you, @Mr.Peanut, for saving my life. Thanks for the tribute @mrmattwalsh #RIPeanut #ad

@mrmattwalsh said: Always selfless, even in his final moments. A true hero, you will be missed @mrpeanutofficial. #RIPeanut #Ad

@buzzthebee said: He’ll always bee in our hearts.

@moreluisplease said: RIP Mr. P. He was a good one even though he only had one good eye. I’ll always remember his dry but roasted sense of humor and how he was the main attraction at cocktail parties with all the other mixed nuts. Most say he was always salty but I will always remember his honey roasted personality. As for his fashion sense, it was questionable at best, but he always delivered quality products, amazing custom shoes, and countless peanut memories. #ripmrpeanut

@shewolfe_ said: Death to the peanut king

@stargazer_by_the_sea83 said: if he’s dead, I’m not eating planters ever again.

@sunmaid said: He mixed up our trails and was the salty to our sweet. #RIPeanut

@xavierrvillanueva said: found his monocle in my peanut butter #RIPeanut

@briisnotyoursometimes said: This is nut possible

@kraftmacncheese said: Our box is especially blue today. We always looked up to Mr. Peanut. In the snack aisle, and in life #RIPeanut.

@Skippy said: A toast to you @MrPeanut #RIPMrPeanut

@drpepper said: Goodbye, Mr. Peanut. Very few people understand how delicious our relationship has been.

@thesquadfather said: It has been a few days since the passing of @MrPeanut but I still can’t shake the feeling of emptiness in my heart. #RIPeanut

@TheBeastPennel said: Sad news! But my guy will always be with me! #RIPeanut


Maria Marabito is a third year English major with a minor in literature and diverse cultures.

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