Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

In last week’s Actual Factual of my first DC versus Marvel clash between Superman and The Incredible Hulk, there were a few great responses from some of my fellow Quad members. Ali and Eric believe that Dr. Banner would win by means of Hulk’s heavy build and strength. Ashley and Chris believe that Clark would win due to his multitude empowerments from Earth’s sun. Jeff just thinks that Kent is better than Banner. Kirsten believe that the Man of Steel would win by means of DC Comics’ developments on him. Carolyn believes that Banner is truly unstoppable. Finally, according to Sabrina and Sam, it’s about their individual understandings between both universes.

So, it happens to be a 90% chance that Superman would win.


This Week’s Topic

“Favorite Horror Films & Scary TV Shows”

What are your favorite horror films and scary TV anthologies? What do you enjoy about them?

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My Response

My favorite horror movie is “Freddy vs. Jason” because I enjoy the clash between Krueger and Voorhees. My favorite scary TV show is “A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Series” (“Freddy’s Nightmares”), because Krueger is telling his own frightful stories about Springwood. Plus, there is some good humor in this series.

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