Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

In response to last week’s Actual Factual — “What are your superstitions and lucky charms?” — Quad faculty advisor Dr. Benjamin Kuebrich said that if there is ever a pen or pencil pointed at him, he must turn it the other way. Quad writer Alix Duncan said that their lucky charm is a ring that their grandmother gave to them, and that if a room gets drastically colder and there’s no vent nearby, then that means that there’s a ghost. Quad News Editor Alexis Lincoln said that umbrellas should not be opened indoors, and also that her writing is best when she writes with a G2 pen. Lastly, Quad writer Kathryn Aiello said that it is good luck to kiss someone’s palm, and that four is an unlucky number.

This Week’s Topic
“DC vs. Marvel Clash #1: Superman vs. The Hulk”
Who do you think would win between these extreme powerhouses? And why? Please send your responses to

My Response
I would say that Dr. Bruce Banner (The Hulk) would win, because Clark Kent (Superman) has a limit to his superpowers. However, the angrier Banner gets, the stronger The Hulk gets.

Jimmie Johnson is a fourth-year student majoring in professional studies with minors in media and culture and studio arts.

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