Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

A shadow with no body
An ocean with no fish
A wheel with no tire
A dance without twist
A pen with no ink
A drawer with no socks
A tub with no water
A sign with no stop
An engine with no fuel
A fire with no logs
A cloud with no rain
A mind with no thought

A day with no food
A coffee with no cream
A brain with no power
The body is not what seems
Chew gum and drink coffee
To throw off it’s cues

See how long you can last
Without thinking of food
Each day watch it sink in
With fewer calories than the last
Listen to your stomach
When it growls in the middle of class

Become a frame with no picture
Is it all really worth it
To you spent all your time
Just wanting to be perfect
Be a girl with no life
Is it still all you want
To ask for no birthday cake this year
Because your stomach still isn’t flat enough
No cheat days or rest
One bite and you’re finished
You should have stopped when you could
To your body, you should’ve listened

Jenna Thomas is a first-year English major with a minor in creative writing.

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