Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

“It’s morning! It’s Christmas morning!” Brandon yelled like a five-year-old, even though he was 12, as he ran into Kylie’s room.

Kylie rolled out of bed and ran downstairs. There, she saw her dad and brother sitting on the floor waiting with porcelain mugs in their hands.

“So,who wants to go first?” Brandon asked.

Brandon started opening his presents, then Kylie, and Kylie’s dad opened last. The doorbell rang. Kylie opened the door to find Aunt Carly, Jordan and Grandpa.

“Merry Christmas!”

Everyone continued to open presents with the rest of the family, while traditionally listening to the Andy Williams Christmas album. Grandpa signaled Kylie to come to him.

“How’s your Christmas so far, kiddo?”

“It’s good. I like the new boots Dad got me.”

“It started snowing when Aunt Carly was driving us here. Why don’t we go outside and take some pictures of a rare white Christmas?”

Kylie and her Grandpa went outside, and as Kylie got her phone out to take a picture, she remembered something. She started running down the street, “I’ll be right back, Grandpa!”

As she ran, she saw a woman with long brown hair in the distance with what looked like a green colored duffle bag. Kylie slowed down and started walking instead, and as she moved closer, she shifted her head to the right and rose her eyebrows in confusion. She then got close enough to see the woman was holding a leaf. The woman turned in Kylie’s direction.

The woman smiled and said, “Kylie, it’s me.”        

Kylie stared at the woman for a good couple minutes, and gradually started to tear up as she finally spoke.


The woman opened her arms and hugged Kylie so tightly. The tree’s branches started moving and motioned towards the mother and daughter.

“You wished for my life, and in the meantime, brought warmth to me, so I wanted to do the same for you. No one deserves to feel cold.”

Kylie looked at the tree while hugging her mother and mouthed, “Thank you.”

Madison Starinieri is a student majoring in English education and special education.

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