Window to West Chester: Juliana Mckee

Photo courtesy of Carly Klein.

Juliana McKee is a 20-year-old sophomore from Collegeville, Pa. who studies media and culture here at West Chester University.  Originally starting college as an English major, McKee realized early on that it was not the right choice for her.

“I came in as an English major but decided it wasn’t for me.”

“The media and culture major is a new ‘part of communication studies’ and offers three different concentration areas to choose from. The classes are all very unique and specific to what you’d want to do. I’m really interested in social media, advertising and public relations, so the classes offered for the major seemed fitting to me.”

Coming to college is often very exciting but can come with burdens as well. McKee expressed that although college was a priority, she definitely had worries about whether her college education would be as tedious as her secondary education. Despite having those feelings coming into college, McKee loves WCU and her academic experience.

‘I’m only a second-year student, but my college experience already feels like it’s flying by.’

“My experience at West Chester has been amazing so far. K-12 school never felt like it was for me. I dreaded going and sometimes struggled to see the point in things that we were doing. I came to college because I knew how crucial it is to have a degree in order to get a job, so I was worried that I would struggle a lot and not enjoy being here.

However, I feel like I’m really finding out who I am, and I’m growing to be very independent. I’ve learned a lot about what I enjoy, and I’ve made so many new friends. I’m only a second-year student, but my college experience already feels like it’s flying by, so I’m trying my best to live in every moment and savor my time here.”

Carly Klein is an English major with a minor in journalism. CK872416@wcupa.edu

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