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Letter from The Quad Editorial Board

Dear West Chester,

As we approach Spring Break, we are about to met with another snow storm. I’m a fan of irony, but perhaps not when that irony can cause car accidents.

A few members wanted to share their best course of action when approached by a snowy day off — especially now, since we might have a winter break and a spring break in the same week.

Doménica, News Editor: On the record: “Get ahead on schoolwork.” Off the record: “Not that I ever take that advice. But it’s good advice.”

Madi, Distribution Manager: “That’s usually what I attempt to do. But it doesn’t work out.”

Sam, Asst. News Editor: I love to walk into town, watch Netflix and catch up on some creative writing.

Eric, Entertainment Editor, had a different approach, for those who live off campus and are over 21: I like to put some Bailey’s Irish Cream with Hot Chocolate.

Doménica: A newspaper acceptable approach for Eric’s suggestion: I make hot chocolate with my Irish friend, Bailey.

Shannon, Copy Editor: Homework.

Max: I like to walk down South Darlington Street. The snow is often never plowed there, so you can really take in the wintry atmosphere. The Spicy Pig Cafe is also at the end of the street, which is the perfect winter breakfast location.

We hope you enjoy both breaks!

The Quad Editorial Board

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