Tips to resolve your New Year’s goals

New Year’s resolutions have been made around the world for as long as people can remember. They are goals we set to improve lifestyles and better ourselves. However, it seems more common for these resolutions to be forgotten soon after the rush of the holiday fades away. With busy lives, work, school and plenty of other responsibilities, these resolutions don’t make it on the to do list and are eventually pushed until the next year.

The most common resolutions are pretty simple and what most would expect or even set for themselves. According to a survey done on 2,000 people on inc.com, the top New Year’s resolutions include; dieting, eating healthier, exercising  more, losing weight, saving money, learning a new skill, reading more, drinking less and spending more time with friends and family. Inc.com also states that only about eight percent of these resolutions are successful. Whether we become busy, forget about them, or are just simply lazy, these goals are not reached.

My main point is not to make anyone feel bad, but to remind you about your resolution and encourage you to be part of that eight percent and help raise it. The more we push off these goals and do not motivate ourselves, these resolutions will simply become a joke. We are a little over a month into the new year and it is not too late to start. If your resolution is one of the top ones or if it is something completely different, there is no reason to give up.

I would like to share some tips that I use to continue and achieve my goals and help you do the same. My resolution included a few of the most common resolutions, like to get into better shape. First, although this is about New Year’s resolutions, you can start any time. Every month is a new month and every day is a new day to start working on yourself and doing what you have to do. 

Next, make sure the goals you set are because you want to achieve them. If your goals are set by others rather than yourself, you will not have the intrinsic motivation that you need. Also, it may be helpful to find someone with the same goals as you so you can push each other to success. My resolutions include getting more exercise and going to the gym with someone who has certainly given me more drive to carry on. 

Make sure your goals are achievable for yourself. You know your body and therefore know how far you can push yourself. Last, make sure whatever you do, always try to schedule time for yourself. It is important to relax once in a while and just have time to focus on the most important thing: you!

Most of these tips I learned throughout my positive psychology class at West Chester, so I also recommend, if you still have free electives, to take this class and learn all about how to treat yourself right. All improvement starts with the goals you set and all you have to do is find the motivation and remember why you made it a goal in the first place. Finally, and most importantly, have H.O.P.E. (Having Only Positive Expectations). I believe in all of you.

Amanda Hearn is a second-year student majoring in psychology. AH888217@wcupa.edu

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