Thu. May 30th, 2024

Dear West Chester,

As the semester begins, and we all slowly grow accustomed to dating our assignments as “2019” and not “2018,” I wanted to take this letter as an opportunity to discuss our journey through 2018, and what’s to come for this semester. Our whole  available staff spent last Sunday in a conference room, discussing what we saw as our own personal goals, and how we wanted the news service as a whole to grow in the next semester.

We developed similar conclusions: The Quad is just as much about the people creating and engaging in the content as it is about the content itself. We want to open our community, our staff, to the broader public of the university, and take in the diversity of opinions, thoughts and emotions experience in our campus community.

In the spirit of new voices, I wanted to welcome a few new staff members to The Quad. First is Najah Hendricks, a third-year majoring in social work, and a section editor of an entirely new section: A Voice at the Table (or AVATT for short.) AVATT is set to become a home for the under-represented voices on campus, for those who wish to speak but may not have a platform. As Najah develops this section, which is set to appear in a bimonthly fashion, we cannot wait to see what comes next.

We have hired a new design editor, Evan Madden, as well. Evan has already spruced up The Quad in a few ways (check out the title card for A Voice at the Table), and is looking forward to making The Quad, in the simplest sense, more aesthetically pleasing.

Finally, we hired a new advertising manager, Hannah Barras, to join the team. Hannah has already created an ad plan for the semester, and we look forward to sharing with you some of our fun plans in the future.

At risk of repetition, I will share once again my feelings of pride and gratitude for the editorial board, the staff and the campus community as a whole. I look forward to sharing with you some stellar pieces, ones that continue the conversations many of our writers brought attention to last semester. Onward, to Spring 2019, my personal last semester, but just another step in the journey of the university and The Quad.

Max James

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