West Chester Halloween parade features floats and marching bands

Every year, West Chester converges to watch the Halloween Parade. Children, parents and students dress up and watch the elaborately decorated trucks drive by and enjoy the marching bands from WCU and Henderson High School. This year on Wed. Oct. 24, hundreds of people gathered. Children were given candy at donation stations, which is different from previous years. However, it did not change the excitement that started to bubble as the little ones began their annual candy collection. The parade featured homemade floats, from local businesses to people who just wanted to show their support for the West Chester community.

The floats were the highlight for some — but for others, the marching bands were the real show stoppers. “They blow us away every year!” said one spectator, a WCU alum himself. Each section of the WCU band wore different costumes, and they all looked excited and happy to be part of the festivities.  “We work really hard every year, and we just have so much fun,” one Henderson player said. The spectators were dancing to the tunes and having an overall great time.

Another fun part of the parade for some people is the variety of costumes present. People go all out for the parade, and the effect is tremendous on the other onlookers. Kids don the colors of their favorite superheroes, or dress as characters from movies and television shows. The children all had huge smiles on their faces as they watched the parade throughout the night.

Dressing up isn’t just for the kids —  the adults even participate. Two ladies dressed as witches competing for who was the prettiest enchantress. There were also costumes like T-Rexes and people “riding” ostriches. Dogs were included in the Halloween festivities as well. There were several different breeds dressed as pirates, pumpkins and bats.

The Halloween parade brings joy to the West Chester community. Spectators commented that one of the best parts of the parade is the sense of community felt amongst those who attend.  Residents of West Chester, students and even those from around Chester County stop by our town. Everyone feels welcome, and everyone has fun.

Enya Lucas is a third-year student majoring in writing BSed.

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