Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Dear West Chester,

This week, we wanted to exemplify our editorial boards’ opinions on the newest climate change news from the UN. We had all available and willing editors respond to this quote from The Guardian:

“Carbon pollution would have to be cut by 45% by 2030 and come down to zero by 2050.”

Olivia: “There is no Plan(et) B.”

Domenica: “Go vegetarian or vegan.”

Sam: “Look at the big picture. Look at who is in power, who controls the money, and who benefits from blaming everyday people for needing to rely on a system that’s destroying our planet.”

Kirsten: “It’s pretty clear that environmental issues have been ignored for a long time—otherwise a statement like this wouldn’t need to be said. It’s sad that we have to do damage-reversal rather than just to have done the right thing from the start. We don’t have time to think about taking action anymore, we just have to take action.”

Eric: “Hey man, I’m sure we have a spare Earth lying around here somewhere, we can just use that one once we ruin this one, right?”

Casey: “What’s happening to the planet is incredibly concerning, almost to the point where it feels like we’ve damaged it beyond repair, but that’s why it’s important to vote for the right people in office who understand the importance of caring for our planet.”

Max: “Frankly, it’s a terrifying situation, and one we’ve been warned about for a long time. But now is not the time to give up; if anything, it’s more reason than ever to act. Corporate and governmental change is clearly the ideal option, and therefore I will say, as I do ten times a day, VOTE. However, we can still act as individuals. Eat a few less burgers a week; get a compost bin; be mindful of what can and cannot be recycled. Small actions that add up to a greater good are instrumental while we work through the more political kinks. It’s a struggle (I miss bacon so much), but it’s better than not having a planet.”

The Quad Staff

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