Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Senior Tyrell Long has led the West Chester University Men’s Basketball team to a 21-5 record, and recently reached the 1,000 point plateau. Leading the team in scoring with 19.4 PPG and also shooting an incredible 55 percent from the field, he joins us on this week’s Hot Seat.

Will Boyer (WB): You guys have had a fantastic season so far. What has been the biggest reason for the team’s success?

Tyrell Long (TL): The biggest reason for our team success is due to the ability of playing defense as one unit.

WB: You currently lead the team in scoring on remarkable efficiency. How has putting the ball in the basket become so easy for you?

TL: I would say from always getting shots up outside of practice and only shooting shots that I know I worked on.

WB: You can train with any NBA player, past or present, for an entire summer. Who are you going with?

TL: This is an a no brainer, Kobe Bryant. #MambaMentality.

WB: What’s your go-to song or album to get you amped before a game?

TL: Before every game I have to listen to Meek Mill, “On the Regular.” #FreeMeek.

WB: Describe your game using three adjectives.

TL: Driven, passionate, determination.

WB: Who’s your funniest teammate?

TL: Terrance Moore.

WB: If you could go pro in any sport besides basketball, which would you pick?

TL: I used to play soccer from third to fifth grade, so I’d go with that.

WB: What goals have you guys set as a team for the remainder of the season?

TL: Win PSAC title and make a national title run.

WB: If you’re LeBron James, you sign with the _____ this summer.

TL: Sixers #TrustTheProcess

WB: What has made WCU such a tough opponent to play against this year?

TL: Our depth and ability to keep teams off-balanced with switching defenses during games.

Will “B.J.” Boyer is a fourth-year student majoring in communication studies with a minor in journalism. ✉ WB806695@wcupa.edu.

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