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On Monday, Nov. 6 at approximately 9 a.m., two West Chester University students were struck by a vehicle while waiting at the bus stop across from S Lot on South Campus. The vehicle then proceeded to drive away from the scene and crash into a student’s vehicle on North Campus.

A “CBS Philadelphia” article written by Alexandria Hoff describes the collision as “intentional.” Hoff said she got this information from authorities.

Both students at the South Campus bus stop were waiting on the benches when the accident occurred. They were immediately transported to the hospital after the incident. One student has since been released while the other remains in stable condition. The student in the North Campus accident was able to attend classes that same day.

The driver of the vehicle was not a West Chester University student. The driver has since been arrested and taken into custody. The driver is receiving a toxicology screening. Vice President of Student Affairs Zebulun R. Davenport released a statement following the accident: “Our Public Safety Office is working diligently with the West Goshen Accident Reconstruction team, Borough Police and the Chester County District Attorney. The safety of our students is the utmost concern, and we will assist the authorities in the investigation in whatever way we can.”

Graduate student Armon Raygani was a witness to the North campus accident. He said, “I was surprised because I saw a car zooming down High Street, I heard a crash and soon as I could clearly see the street the car was gone. There was only one car left.”

Davenport expressed his concern when he released a second email updating the student body on the condition of the students and provided students with the information for the counseling center for those who were affected by the incident.

In an interview with the “Daily Local,” Nancy Gainer, executive director of the Office of Communications at West Chester University, issued a statement. Gainer said, “Our concern for the students is intense. We are working with the West Goshen police to find out more information.”

Abby Goss is a fourth-year student majoring in English with a journalism minor. She can be reached at

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