Dear West Chester,

Happy homecoming/Halloween week and weekend! Yeah—homecoming and Halloween on the same weekend? It’s bound to be tons of fun, but make sure to be responsible and stay safe! I can’t believe October has already come and almost gone, yet here we are, almost on the cusp of November.

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve had quite the shuffling around in staff recently. Well, we have one more member to welcome on board: Caroline! You might recognize her name from her weekly columns in features on queer history, but Caroline will officially be taking over our open copy editor position starting next week.

Finally, a few exciting announcements: 1) I’m working on revamping our social media, so follow The Quad on Instagram @wcuquad, Twitter @TheQuadWCU and Facebook at And drum roll, please…

2) The Quad is holding a logo contest! In the spirit of revamping our social presence and rebranding a bit, The Quad is looking for a fresh new logo. Regardless of your past experience with graphic design, feel free to enter to win! You may submit up to five unique designs to; the winner will receive a gift card and potentially a t-shirt with the design on it. Plus, you’ll get to be the creator of the new official Quad logo used on all our social media, paper and more! If you’d like more information on the contest, have any question or want to submit your designs, feel free to email me.

Anyways, like I said, have a fun and safe Halloween and homecoming weekend!

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