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West Chester University Men’s Soccer team is on pace to have it’s best record since 2013, a season in which they went 13-4-2, including 9-1-1 in the PSAC.

This current edition of the Golden Rams’ soccer team is currently 12-2-1, 10-0 in conference and ranked No. 12 in the nation. For this week’s edition of the Hot Seat, we spoke to midfielder Brett Glasco, who is second in goals with four and in a three-way tie for total points (ten).

B.J. Boyer: What makes the game of soccer so special for you?

Brett Glasco: Honestly, it has been a great escape for me when things in life are stressful. When you’re playing nothing else really matters besides the game.

BB: What’s one thing you want the student body to know about the West Chester University soccer team?

BG: This year’s team has made history in terms of our accomplishments up to this point. We won the program’s first ever PSAC title.

BB: You guys have had a highly successful season so far. What’s the reason for that and how do you close out the year the right way?

BG: We have a great group of upperclassmen that have seen the low side of our program’s history and know how we need to play in order to make it in this league. We also have a group of underclassmen with loads of potential and have stepped into some pretty big roles early. To top it off our coaching staff has figured out how to use all of that talent correctly.

BB: How would you describe your style of play? Give me a few adjectives.

BG: I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to play a lot of minutes since my freshman year and that has put me in many different positions of the fields. I would describe my style as a momentum shifter. I usually help to bring energy to the game if we’re lacking, whether that’s by passing through the midfield or beating players on the dribble.

BB: You’ve got to trust one teammate with the aux before a game. Who’s it going to be?

BG: Brett Miller for sure!

BB: How does it feel to be ranked amongst the top-25 DII soccer teams in the nation?

BG: It’s a great feeling. Seeing all the hard work we have put in pay off is always awesome to see.

BB: What’s your go-to Netflix show?

BG: Game of Thrones.

BB: Kendrick Lamar, Drake, J. Cole, Big Sean, Future: Rank them.

BG: Kendrick, J. Cole, Drake, Big Sean, Future.

BB: What’s the biggest takeaway you’ve gotten from your soccer experience at WCU?

BG: Since being a part of this program I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and make so many close friends.

BB: Who is your biggest inspiration?

BG: My biggest inspiration is my teammate Brett Beaumont. During his soccer career he has experienced two ACL tears. One of which I witnessed and watched his struggle and fight to come back and play. He was out his fourth year here and didn’t get to play with his class and had to watch them play on their senior day. So seeing him go through that and continue to still have the drive to push and come back and play this season has inspired me the most this year.

B.J. is a fourth-year student majoring in communication studies. He can be reached at WB806695@wcupa.edu.

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