Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

AlottaJava is making its way into town.

AlottaJava is the easy-to-give, easy-to-use digital gift card currently accepted at Classic Diner, Country Bagel and Bakery, D-K Diner, Market Street Grill, Penn’s Table Restaurant, West Chester Diner and Yori’s Church Street Bakery, with more to come. It’s the perfect gift for foodies and coffee lovers who enjoy variety and the freedom to choose.

Owner Tony Celia shared why he created the company.

“I started AlottaJava to help local, independent coffee shops and restaurants compete with the large national chains. Since each gift card can be redeemed for any merchandise at any participating merchant, it’s an easy way for consumers to support local establishments while enjoying the convenience and variety they want from a gift card. Participating merchants pay no fees, so 100 percent of all redeemed AlottaJava gift cards goes to the local businesses.”

Easily purchased online at www.alottajava.com, AlottaJava gift cards are a fun way to show people you care, celebrate an occasion, congratulate an achievement or express thanks by treating them to any of the delicious items at their local, independent coffee shops and restaurants.

Gift givers can send a digital gift card to a smartphone for immediate or scheduled delivery or print them for in-person gift giving.

Recipients enjoy the full value, since gift cards retain their unused balance for future purchases and their funds never expire; partially redeem an AlottaJava gift card at one merchant and use the remaining balance at the same or another merchant.

Amanda Saleh is a third-year student majoring in communication studies with minors in journalism and Arabic. She can be reached at AS821872@wcupa.edu.

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