Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Drop-in childcare is a relatively new concept, but it is coming to a daycare nearby. Pop In Kids Club, a company developed by Scott Bersak, is coming to Exton this summer.

This concept reaps amazing benefits. Drop-in childcare has the security and structure of a regular daycare, except it is more easily accessible to parents as no reservations are required.

This service is convenient for parents, and it gives them a reliable substitute to standard childcare services. Drop-in childcare is great for children because it allows them to interact with kids their own age.

With long hours, drop-in childcare is great for parents when they want to spend time apart from their children. Parents can spend time together or run errands while their child is being watched by responsible caretakers.

This new and innovative service makes parents happy because they do not need to work around a babysitter’s schedule. A babysitter is great if their hours revolve around yours, but that often does not happen.

Frequently, parents need to leave work early or come to work late to take care of the child if the babysitter cancels or is unavailable. With drop-in childcare, there are many people working at the center at all times that can take care of the child.

It’s also great during times of crisis, when the parent becomes unavailable. Because there is no reservation required, parents do not have to make arrangements ahead of time.

Even if parents prefer a babysitter, drop-in childcare offers a safe backup option. At drop-in childcare, the child is chaperoned by certified employees with a background in education. The cost of drop-in childcare is also favorable.

Parents only need to pay for the hours that their child is there, not by the month or by the week. Often times parents save money with membership cards as they pay a monthly fee and a reduced hourly rate.

Kids also enjoy it because of the abundance of children they are able to interact with. Babysitters often watch the child from home, and kids are stuck doing the same boring routine each day.

At drop-in childcare, there are many different things that the child can play with or learn from.

With drop-in childcare, the parent has peace of mind and the children have fun. This concept is relatively new, but it seems to be gaining popularity rather quickly.

Amanda Saleh is a third-year student majoring in communication studies with minors in journalism and Arabic. She can be reached at

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