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Chocolate, teddy bears, hearts and roses—oh my! As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, the critics surface and express their deep-seated opposition of the lovey-dovey day.

I’m here to tell you all—it’s not that bad.

Although Valentine’s Day’s reputation has been littered with cheese and false hope, there has always been a beautiful meaning behind the holiday.

The legend of Valentine’s Day holds many theories, but my favorite is the legend of Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest in Ancient Rome who believed in the power of love. Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families at home. Claudius II outlawed marriage for all young men in Rome. Saint Valentine realized the injustice of the ruling, disobeyed Claudius’ law and continued to marry young lovers in secret. When Claudius learned of Valentine’s arrangements, he ordered that Saint Valentine be put to death.

Admittedly, the ending is not as happy and lovable as other legends, but Valentine was a martyr for love and what he thought was right for humanity, which, to me, is as loving as it can get.

No matter what your stance is on Valentine’s Day, you cannot deny the feeling of love and appreciation, whether it be from close friends, a devoted partner or loving family. Love is something everyone needs, especially this year.

For those with devoted and loving significant others, this holiday is not just for you. Take advantage of the immediate love you have available. Don’t let the day go by without telling each other how much you care, and maybe add a little chocolate or a dinner reservation. Besides, everyone loves a reason to eat good food and enjoy good company.

If you’re looking for a gift for him, a nice tie or socks with his favorite team on them would suffice. For her, a new candle with her favorite scent or a picture frame with your favorite photo.

For those with close friends, don’t feel like you are alone on Valentine’s Day because you’re not. Your friends, whether near or far, are your greatest support system. Tell them you care or send a little gift to show your appreciation. Get together for a girl’s/boy’s night in or splurge at a restaurant in town. Take advantage of the perks of Valentine’s Day in as many ways as possible.

If you’re searching for a friend’s V-Day gift, their favorite bag of candy or a bottle of their favorite beverage would say just enough to entice a smile.

For those who have learned to love themselves, Valentine’s Day holds the perfect platform to treat yourself! Get takeout from your favorite sushi or steak restaurant and enjoy your favorite TV show or movie. Maybe even buy a box of fancy chocolates or the newest Lush bath bomb; whatever you choose, there is no one who can love you more than you can.

For those with a loving family, never forget they represent all the love in your life. Remember when your mom would help you make a hundred of those little Hot Wheels or Barbie valentines for your entire kindergarten class or put some chocolates on your pillow when she knew your first relationship ended.

Your family helped you realize what love really means and taught you to express it, so give your mom, dad, brother, sister, uncle, aunt or cousin a call and tell them you love them because that’s what this day is truly about.

If you still choose to be a hater of Valentine’s Day, just remember that without love, we would be without the ability to hate. We would also be without Beyoncé, home-cooked meals and chocolate chip cookies.

Erin King is a fourth-year student majoring in communication studies. She can be reached at

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