Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

I have served as faculty advisor to The Quad since 2003. Since then, I have only asked twice to have my writing published. The first was in 2003. This is the second time.

During my first year as faculty advisor, I asked the editor to publish a brief statement from me about editorial integrity. I wanted to make it very clear to our readers that the faculty advisor did not in any way interfere with the editorial decisions made by our student editors. Put simply, students—and only students—decide what to publish in The Quad. The role of the faculty advisor is to advise, not direct. When asked for specific suggestions, I have tried to be helpful. But I have always respected The Quad’s foundation as a news service run entirely by students, and I have worked diligently to defend and preserve that foundation.

So it is very unusual for me to make this second request to be published in The Quad. And let me be clear that this is a request, and that our current editor-in-chief, Samantha Mineroff, should not in any way feel obligated to publish these words. But I hope she will consider doing so, because I realize this may be the last issue that lists me as faculty advisor. I just wanted to say a few words of appreciation before I go.

It has been an honor to advise so many talented students at The Quad. I would especially like to publicly recognize the editors-in-chief I have had the privilege to work with: Danielle D’Ella, Jessica Sycz, Padraic Maroney, Kelli Snyder, Allison Stull, Lauren Beley, Jeff Simon, Nicole Fortuna, Frank Stern, Jenn Rothstein, Colin McGlinchey, Tara Tanzos, Ginger Rae Dunbar, Carol Fritz, Kenny Ayres, Adam Farence, Theresa Kelly, Casey Tobias, and Samantha Mineroff. These dedicated, hard-working students have contributed so much of their time and energy to help make The Quad the award-winning student news service it is today. Thank you.

The University has granted me a sabbatical leave for 2017, which means I will not be on campus and will not be advising The Quad. Our Editorial Board has recently elected Dr. Ben Kuebrich to serve as faculty advisor next year. I’m confident he will do a great job. I’ve come to accept the possibility that this change in advisors may not be temporary, and that my years as faculty advisor to The Quad may have reached an end.

To all of the writers, editors, copy editors, online editors, mobile journalists, and the many students who have worked in non-editorial roles during the last thirteen years, thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your faculty advisor. Whatever the future brings, please know that I will always cherish my memories of The Quad. And to all of the students who will lead The Quad in the years to come, please continue to proudly and steadfastly defend your editorial integrity as the independent student news service of West Chester University.


Philip A. Thompsen, Ph.D.


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