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On Monday, Nov. 14, Ingrid Michaelson paid a visit to the Fillmore Center in Philadelphia. Unlike most touring artists, she did not use this concert as a chance to plug her newest album, “It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense.” Rather, she spent the entire concert swelling the audience members’ hearts by performing a well-crafted set list that consisted of infamous throwbacks like some of her most popular songs “Be Ok” and “The Way I Am,” along with goofing off with the audience as if we were all her close friends.

The beginning of the concert was performed mostly by Michaelson alone, which included her breaking out her famous ukulele and covering “Creep” by Radiohead. Before the cover started, she talked for a while about the cold she was getting over and how it made her voice sound terrible, giving her the “Phoebe effect” from the 1994 hit show “Friends.” This was surprising as she sang the entire time just as beautifully as in her recordings.

As the concert continued, her band became more and more involved, chiming in on songs and joking around on stage with her. However, even with a stage full of professionals playing instruments, Michaelson’s voice was by far the most powerful thing projecting through the Fillmore that night. She ended the show by performing three songs off of her new album, including the most well-known hit “Hell No.”

They left the stage, but the audience chanted “Ingrid! Ingrid! Ingrid!” Finally, Michaelson and her band returned to the stage wearing matching “INGRID” jackets and took turns singing the words to Right Said Fred’s famous “I’m Too Sexy.” The entire band came to the front of the stage and did a choreographed dance to officially bring the show to an end. This bit was a hilarious and perfect way end to the night, leaving everyone laughing and smiling.

Katherine Mash is a second-year student majoring in communication studies. She can be reached at KM854840@wcupa.edu.

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