For the eigth consecutive year, West Chester University’s English Club will be publishing their literary magazine, Literati.

This collection of works contains art pieces created, submitted, edited and published by students.

As a member of English Club’s executive board, I am proud to say that over the past couple of years we have provided this outlet for a broad range of students to showcase their pieces. One of the greatest aspects of Literati is that we not only accept but encourage students to send us a diverse set of pieces. These can be anything from short stories to poetry, photography and other forms of visual art from any and all genres. You have too much to choose from? Don’t worry!

We allow the submission of a maximum of five literary and five photography/art pieces per person.

All of us are so excited to see your creations, but before submitting them, please ensure that they abide by the following guidelines.

First, pay attention to story length. Our maximum is four pages, single-spaced. Your written entries must be saved as a Word document. Also, if your poem has no title, please label it “Untitled.” Place a number after that if you send us several pieces without a title. Next, when it comes to photography/art, make sure that your picture is sent to us in black and white.

The only exception to this is if you want your colored picture to be considered for the Literati cover. Finally, while we value freedom of expression, we are still a school publication. Therefore, we cannot accept any obscenely graphic, violent and sexual content to Literati.

Do you have your work ready for submission? Great! Just send what you have to the English Club president and Editor-in-Chief Conor Killmurray at In your email to him you must include your first and last name, your WCU email address and your student rank (freshman, sophomore, etc.). We must receive your submissions by Wednesday, Nov. 30, otherwise you’ll be ineligible for this issue.

By next semester we will be selling editions of Literati for purchase. We hold a night dedicated to all the contributers wherein we host a live reading so that all those interested in sharing their work with their peers can.

English Club is ecstatic to have the chance to review what our fellow student artists have created. We pride ourselves on our publication because it gives the writing and visual arts community the opportunity to be published and thereby recognized for its hard work, creativity and originality.

As the Nov. 30 deadline for submission approaches, English Club is preparing for what we believe to be our best edition yet! So what are you waiting for? Submit today!

Halle Nelson is a third-year student majoring in communication studies with minors in English literature and deaf studies. She can be reached at

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